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WHS staff learn to apply emergency techniques to control life threating bleeding

posted by Michael Richards

Wells High School hosted a Stop the Bleed (STB) training for faculty and staff on Wednesday, October 10th.  The program was presented by trauma staff from Maine Medical Center. 
The keynote speaker, Trauma Surgeon Dr. David Ciraulo, explained that STB is a bleeding control education program to provide ordinary citizens with the skills to save lives from severe bleeding resulting from everyday accidents to terrorism.  The program presented at WHS fulfilled one of the recommendations of the American College of Surgeons’ Hartford Consensus to educate the public about bleeding control.    

According to; “In April 2013, just a few months after  the active shooter disaster on December 14, 2012, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, the Joint Committee to Create a National Policy to Enhance Survivability from Intentional Mass Casualty and Active Shooter Events was convened by the American College of Surgeons (ACS) in collaboration with the medical community and representatives from the federal government, the National Security Council, the U.S. military, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and governmental and nongovernmental emergency medical response organizations, among others”. 
Another speaker at WES from Maine Medical was Injury Prevention Educator Kathy Andreasen.  Both she and Dr. Ciraulo spoke utilizing PowerPoint presentations and demonstrations of applying tourniquets.  Doris Laslie, RN, another Maine Medical educator, was also in attendance. WHS Nurse, Pat Endsley, was the organizer of this seminar.  
Following the presentations, teachers and other staff practiced correct tourniquet application as well as effective wound packing.  Dr. Ciraulo pointed out that many bleeding emergencies may be effectively controlled by trained citizen responders in the community.
Last February, Wells High School hosted York County school nurses for a STB training and, as a result, many school districts including Wells-Ogunquit CSD are implementing bleeding control training district-wide.  

Teacher demonstration of response
Injury Prevention Educator Kathy Andreasen and Trauma Surgeon Dr. David Ciraulo presenting a technique to stop bleeding at Wells High School on October 10th

Teacher using training techniques
WHS Math teacher Andre Mercier receives tourniquet training from Trauma Surgeon Dr. David Ciraulo.

‘ALL-4-KIDS’ consignment sale at WES November 2nd and 3rd

posted by Michael Richards

The Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) for Wells Elementary School is holding their only ‘All-4-Kids Consignment Sale’ for this school year Friday and Saturday, November 2nd and 3rd.   Friday’s sale hours are from 4:30 pm to 6 pm.  Saturday sale hours are from 8 am to 12 noon.  Parents and others in the general public are invited to browse and shop for great bargains. The sale will take place inside the Wells Elementary School gymnasium, rain or shine.

Everything for sale is appropriately tagged and sorted by size and gender, so shoppers can quickly find what they are looking for.  All sale items are inspected by PTSA members and everything is in great condition.  Girls and boys clothing is a variety of fall, winter, spring and summer with sizes from newborn to age 18.  Other items for sale are children’s toys, puzzles, books, games, DVD’s, sports equipment, baby items and children’s furniture.  

This special sale presents a great opportunity to get kids’ items at very reasonable prices while supporting the PTSA at Wells Elementary School.  This support allows the parent organization to sponsor large, popular annual events at WES such as Colors Day and Starz for Broadway. The PTSA also grants funding to teachers for special classroom needs, field trips and other items.  

“Small-item” donations for the sale can be brought to WES Thursday, November 1st from 3:30 to 7 pm.  Large-item donations will be accepted on Friday, November 2nd from 8 am untill noon.  Community consignors are welcome and volunteers are needed to work on the sale.  For consignor, volunteer or general sale information, please email to:  Please do not call Wells Elementary School directly for information on the sale.  

Wells Elementary school is located at 279 Sanford Road (Rte. 109) in Wells.  This event is sponsored by the Parent Teacher Student Association.   It is good to shop early for the best selection and remember to bring your reusable bags! 
Stock photo of previous sale
Submitted photo from a previous PTSA All-4-Kids Consignment Sale. 

Coaches recognized for planning Military Appreciation Night at WHS

posted by Michael Richards

At its October 3, 2018 meeting, the Wells-Ogunquit CSD School Committee recognized members of the Wells High School varsity football coaching staff and one other for their part in planning and organizing WHS's annual Military Appreciation Night held during the home football game on September 28th. 

“It was a tremendous night honoring both active and veteran military members,” said Superintendent Daly. “I know a lot of effort goes into it.”  He indicated that stories about this pregame program was part of two later Portland television news broadcasts. 
Coaches at School Committee Meeting
From left to right are Mark Lewia, Rob Berry, Tim Roche, Kevin Fox, John Bucci, Jim Daly, Helena Ackerson and Cindy Roche

Horror stories blended with humor on stage at WJHS

posted by Michael Richards   [ updated ]

For their fall play production, Wells Junior High School students will be presenting “Horror 101, Failing Can be Deadly, a collection of five hauntingly bizarre tales written by Steven Stack from October 25 through October 27.    Despite its somewhat grim title, this production turns out to be a comedy behind a horror facade in five situational vignettes.  According to promotional material, this collection of scenes promises to “keep you laughing as you keep your eyes covered”.

Horror 101…” features over thirty 6th through 8th grade performers all under the direction of Josie Perkins (director) and Lauren Rivera (assistant director).

“The kids really like this genre," said Rivera. "They get involved, they’re taking it on”.  She added, “It has some laugh out loud moments with a little bit of spookiness." Rivera offered a glimpse into one of the tales where students become locked in a haunted house.  Although Scooby Doo won’t be making a guest appearance, Rivera says “you will feel like you have a mystery to solve."

As with past productions directed by Perkins, the first curtain opening for this play will find both cast and crew having accomplished many aspects of theater production including stage management, make-up, costumes, set design, acting, lights and sound.  

In addition, Team Perkins and Rivera believe their multi-aged drama students, will have gained self-confidence and added new connections and relationships with one another in rehearsing for this play.  They will have taken risks and thought outside the box in order to bring their show to life. 

The curtain will open to three performances, Thursday, October 25 and Friday, October 26 at 7 pm and on Saturday, October 27 for a matinee at 1 pm in the Ward Gymnasium at WJHS located on Route One in Wells. Tickets for all shows are available at the door for $5.00.  Refreshments and snacks will be available for purchase at intermission.  

For more information, contact WJHS at 207-646-5142.  As with other WJHS productions, this is a must see.
Cast and crew of the show
Cast and crew of WJHS’s fall play presentation, Horror 101, Failing Can be Deadly.

Seventh and kindergarten students become “buddies” in learning

posted Sep 26, 2018, 9:35 AM by Michael Richards

Nearing the end of school this past June, seventh grade and kindergarten students in the Wells-Ogunquit Community School District joined together on the playground of Wells Elementary School to meet, talk and play with wooden toy race cars made by the older students in their science class.  This annual meeting is the last stage of what teachers involved with this project refer to as “buddy learning”.  
About ten years ago, Wells Junior High School Science teacher, Saul Lindauer decided to try involving kindergarten students from WES with his 7th grade science classes’ year-end physics project.  He found inspiration to put this idea into practice not far from home.  
“Breakwater School, where my wife taught and my own children went to school has always had ‘learning buddies’, commented Lindauer.  “This multiage mentor/student activity is very powerful.” 
So, beginning with that first year,  Lindauer and Wells Elementary School kindergarten teacher Marcia Millian have worked together to coordinate a buddy learning program involving their differing age groups of students.  
“The 7th grade - kindergarten buddy project is one of the best things to happen all year,” commented Millian.   “It is amazing to watch new friendships form, the 7th graders coming back to WES and reliving their kindergarten year, and the current kindergartners hoping for a life-long friend!”   
In the spring, 7th graders, including the science students of Christine Durocher, are each matched up with a kindergarten student.  For the past five years, the project finds the older students constructing the cars to help them understand the physics principles of “force and motion”.  This year, 104 cars were assembled mostly with recyclable materials from Ruth’s Reusable Resources in Portland.  The car chassis are standardized and accessorizing is decided by each student.  
This year, the study of language arts was included as the older and younger “buddies” exchanged back-and-forth letters of introduction before meeting on the playground.  As a follow up, kindergarteners sent illustrated “thank you” cards to the older students after the visit.  According to Lindauer, “Grade 7 kids were thrilled” with the correspondence.   
Lindauer summed up his students' experience this way. “Grade 7 students step out of their preteen, self-absorbed worlds and genuinely engage with these young learners, instantly becoming important role models without having been told to do so."  He added that the two week car construction involves six classes and is broken down into the building and testing stages.  
Marcia Millian and WJHS teacher Mary Rand coordinated the inclusion of language arts in this year’s project.  The subject of reading will be added to the mix next year.

Buddies hanging out
Then seventh grade student Meagan Towne (left) with kindergarten student Daphane Gaines on the playground at WES studying a wooden car assembled by Towne to better visualize “force and motion” on June 7, 2018. 

7th grader and his buddy
Then kindergarten student Timothy Perry (at left) with seventh grade student Jonah Curley at WES on June 7, 2018 studying and playing with a wooden toy car assembled by Curley in physics class. 

“International Save A Life Tour” to visit Wells High School in October

posted Sep 25, 2018, 11:22 AM by Michael Richards

The International Save A Life Tour will visit Wells High School on October 19, 2018.  All WHS students are invited to check out this safe driving program that includes a 1.5 million dollar Impaired Simulator and a quarter million dollar Distracted Driving Simulator that has visited the Pentagon and traveled around the world with the Department of Defense.  

A schoolwide presentation for the student body will commence at 7:30 am followed by ‘hands on’ driving experiences provided throughout the school day to students.   

This is the same program that the U.S. Department of Defense and multiple departments of transportation ─ including the Connecticut DOT, Missouri DOT, and Rhode Island DOT ─ employ to inform students on the dangers of driving impaired and driving while texting.

The Save A Life Tour is a comprehensive high impact, safe driving awareness program that informs, educates, and demonstrates the potentially deadly consequences resulting from poor choices and decisions made by the operator of a motor vehicle. 

The program specifically places emphasis on the following driving situations including distracted driving, impaired driving, improper driver behavior, seat belt usage and other situations one might encounter driving.  

The Save A Life Tour utilizes several methods for educating participants including a video presentation, a speaking presentation, an interactive demonstration with simulators, pre and post surveys and take-a-ways including a pledge card and a wristband.

For more information please contact Wells High School Resource Officer John Riegel at 207-641-6965 or email him at  One can also contact Jason Cooper, State Director, National Save A Life Tour at or by calling him at 888-655-7263 extension 273.

Students lead student body in the Pledge of Allegiance

posted Sep 19, 2018, 4:25 AM by Michael Richards

For over a decade, small groups of Wells Elementary School students have been invited to the principal’s office to lead the entire student body and staff in the morning Pledge of Allegiance. 
As with the school’s previous principals, students now walk to Principal April Noble’s office to recite the pledge over the school’s intercom system at 8:45 a.m. each school day.  

On September 12, 2018, two girls and two boys − students of Trevor Hopwood − made the familiar journey from classroom to the school lobby area.  This time it was fourth-grade students Francesca (Frankie) MacEwen, Evan Suitter, Tanner Tufts, and Kailyne Twombley who gathered around Principal Noble at her desk to speak into the phone.   "It made me feel good to do the pledge because I was leading the school," commented Evan Suitter later.

In September, student selection for this began with the fourth-grade classrooms and will continue down through the other grades including the begindergarten level.  And so, by the time school ends for summer break in June, every student at WES will have participated.

Noble also involves the school’s students with yoga for a few minutes each week.  On Friday mornings, a few students travel to her office so that she can lead them in a brief yoga exercise that also goes out over the intercom. 

“Each Friday, as part of our wellness goals, the students and I share a yoga for the classroom card.  The entire school participates. ‘Yoga for the classroom’ has cards with a picture and an explanation of what pose/activity we do as a class − or in this case, the whole school.”    As a result, for a few unique minutes each week, all WES students can experience some moments of meditation and calmness together. 
Students prepare the pledge
WES Principal April Noble leads four fourth grade students in the Pledge of Allegiance on September 12, 2018.  Counterclockwise (left to right) is Evan Suitter, Tanner Tufts, Francesca MacEwen and Kailyne Twombley (in front of Tufts). Since kindergarten, this is the fifth time for most of these students to lead the school in the Pledge Allegiance.

Students and Principal Noble after the pledge
Standing before the flag in the principal’s office is (l to r) Tanner Tufts, Evan Suitter, Kailyne Twombley, April Noble, and Francesca MacEwen

WES student receives first place at two levels of national art contest

posted Sep 10, 2018, 5:10 AM by Michael Richards

Wells Elementary School student Elliana Cyr received first place locally and at the State level in the second grade category of the 2018 Smokey Bear & Woodsy Owl Poster Contest.   Elliana's artwork was of Smokey Bear with the slogan, "Only You Can Prevent Wild Fires". 

Shortly before summer recess, Cyr's art teacher, Sandy Brennan, presented contest certificates to Elliana for her high achievements on behalf of the Seacoast Garden Club, a local sponsor of the contest.   

“Very great,” said Cyr about her recognition.  She said that her poster took between two and three days to complete. 

“Elliana is a very good little artist.  She takes somewhat longer to finish because she works so carefully but the result is great,” commented Brennan.  “I hope she continues to practice her skills.”  Mrs. Brennan also had student winners in this contest in 2014 and 2016.  

“As part of the Seacoast Garden Club outreach program for Youth Activities, we sponsor the contest which is part of the National Garden Club Federation to encourage awareness of our environment and its conservation,” commented Club member Janet Kupferschmid.  “The contest is open to grades K thru 5 in Wells and Kennebunk schools.  This year Elliana Cyr is our winner!!  She…won a Certificate of Participation from the National Garden Club Federation with her depiction of Smokey Bear as a female!!”

In 1944, the Ad Council and the U.S. Forest Service decided to have a bear be the symbol for a national ad campaign to reinforce the idea that individuals can do a lot to help prevent forest fires.  Woodsy Owl first appeared in 1971 with the message “Lend a Hand, Care for the Land”.  The Smokey Bear & Woodsy Owl Poster Contest is sponsored nationally by the USDA Forest Service and National Garden Clubs Incorporated.
Student and Teacher with winning picture
Art teacher Sandy Brennan with Elliana Cyr and her depiction of Smokey Bear. 

Students raise funds to purchase park bench for break area

posted Sep 10, 2018, 4:58 AM by Michael Richards

While walking around their school’s track one day last September, a small group of fifth grade students at Wells Junior High School came to the realization that something was missing from their recess area.  There were basketball courts and lots of pavement but there was little place to sit and eat a snack or just enjoy morning recess.  They needed a bench!

The group first suggested constructing one but their teacher, Beth Goodwin, in the spirit of sustainability, suggested that they consider working towards buying a bench made from recyclable material.   

And so, began a year-long effort to bring a long-lasting bench to an area located behind the fifth grade wing of their school.  With durability in mind, students researched various benches, held weekly planning sessions at lunchtime, and collected returnable bottles to build up their Clynk account.  By the end of May, they had saved $100.

With that amount plus a $200 donation from the WJHS Green Team and another $100 from the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), a six-foot green and black bench was ordered.  It seemed a fitting choice since the weatherproof bench was made, in part, from recycled plastic bottles.

The bench was delivered to WJHS on June 12th and assembled by the students with assistance from custodian, Carrol Crouch.  When completed, it was moved into place between two maple trees behind the fifth grade wing. 

“And (now) we don’t have to sit on the ground anymore,” said one happy student when the group was being interviewed about their project.  According to another, Mariana Molina, $375 had to be raised to buy the bench.

“This worked out really well,” said Goodwin who hopes to work towards adding another bench to this area next year.   Goodwin and the seven students involved with this project wish to thank the PTO and the Green Team for their help in raising the needed funds.  Also, a huge “thank you” from them to the WJHS custodians, especially Mr. Crouch, who assisted with the assembly.
Students with Green Bench
Standing next to a bench that they were able to provide to the recess area of Wells Junior High School on June 18th are (left to right) Lilian Sittig, Mariana Molina, Kendall Ball, Tory Chase, Jessica Palmer, and Teagan Hludik.  Not present for the photo was Hailey Diefe.

Wells High School to Cull Student Records

posted Sep 4, 2018, 4:56 AM by Michael Richards

The Wells High School Guidance Department will be culling student files for the Class of 2017 beginning October 1, 2018. If you would like to obtain your file, please
send your request in writing along with your name and mailing address to guidance secretary, Erin Sanborn, by September 30, 2018. You may either email her at or mail your request addressed to Erin Sanborn, Wells High School, Guidance Office, 200 Sanford Rd, Wells, ME 04090.

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