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Student receives award of appreciation for her volunteerism at WJHS

posted Jul 3, 2018, 4:32 AM by Michael Richards

On June 18th, Wells Junior High School eighth grade student Sarah Shackford was recognized by her school for volunteer service to the school’s Bridges Program where she assists staff and special education students with disabilities.  This award was also in recognition of her adherence to the school’s core values.  Presenting a “Certificate of Appreciation” to Shackford was WJHS Principal Robert Griffin.  Others present were Shackford’s parents, Pamela and Dennis Shackford.

“She’s put four years of volunteer service in helping with the Bridges program,” said Dennis Shackford, “…anything they’ve asked her, she’s done.”   He indicated that his daughter is a self-starter and described her as a “compassionate girl” pointing out, for example, that she goes on field trips with Bridges students and helps those that need help adjusting to the bus ride.  Pam Shackford indicated that Sarah’s volunteerism and appreciation of core values goes back to her elementary school days.  Both parents believe Sarah will continue volunteering in the Bridges Program at Wells High School in the fall.  Mrs. Shackford noted that Sarah has also volunteered with classmates at Avita in Wells where she serves lunch to residents and assists with some administrative tasks.  

Sarah Shackford indicated that she was quite surprised at receiving this recognition. “I had no idea that this was going to happen,” she said.  “I loved the opportunity and I am so blessed that everybody loves me.”

“Sarah's calm presence puts the students at ease in the Bridges room,” commented Special Education teacher Lauren Rivera.  “She is always willing to help out in any way possible.  She truly makes a better day for all that come into contact with her.”

“The Bridges program is for students with very significant disabilities…who are not able to access the regular curriculum,” explained Special Education Team Leader Eric Hopkins who nominated Shackford for this award.  “I have wanted to recognize her outstanding service to the special education team…at our school and also to recognize the fact that she embodies the core values of our school.”  Those values include Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Trustworthiness and Compassion.   

“Sarah really does embody those values on a daily basis,” said Hopkins. “She is a genuine helper…”  Hopkins added that he, Principal Griffin and Bridges room teacher Rivera wanted to not only congratulate her for her four years of dedicated service, but also to encourage her “to continue her good work in high school and beyond.”  
Shackford recognized for her service
Standing in front of a listing of the school’s core values are (from the left) Eric Hopkins, Dennis Shackford, Sarah Shackford, Pam Shackford, and WJHS Principal Robert Griffin.  

Time marches on for popular, end-of-school year tradition

posted Jun 26, 2018, 5:55 AM by Michael Richards

It probably doesn’t seem possible for many former students and others, but on June 15th, Wells Elementary School’s beloved Colors Day turned 31.  As in previous years, there was a morning parade that moved in celebratory fashion around the outside of the school featuring hundreds of students organized by classroom and viewed by a crowd of parents, teachers, school staff and volunteers.  
The parade was followed by a large gathering in the school’s courtyard for student recognitions precluded by numerous outside games, banner and songs, culminating a few hours later with a slide show in the school’s gym.  This event is now largely organized and sponsored by the school’s Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA).  This volunteer group, with fundraising, provided t-shirts to each of this year’s 500-plus students and made refreshments available for all attending and participating in Colors Day. 

Begun modestly in 1987 by WES Physical Education Teacher Kathy Calo with assistance from then PTSA member Laura Subilla Bell, this event grew significantly over the years but always with the emphasis on the school's core values, teamwork, cooperation, and of course fun for all.   

"Over the years, Colors Day has cultivated generations of planning, supporting, and participating.  It is an event that truly exemplifies collaboration and highlights the heart of being a child,” commented Calo recently.

Staff and Students celebrating Colors Day
As school was being dismissed on June 15th, some of the Colors Day participants posed for a photo at the entrance to WES.   With retiring art teacher Sandy Brennan, they are (left to right) Kailyne Twombley, Elliott Kennedy, Sofia Passaretti, Samuel Perry, Owen Zglobicki and Ella Caron.   School for these students and their classmates ended for the summer on June 19th

Longley Class Marching in Parade
A third-grade classroom of Donna Longley, marching in blue in the 2018 Colors Day Parade at WES.  At left wearing a tie dyed t-shirt is Ed Tech Marci Haynes

Wells Elementary School recognizes its core value “champs”

posted Jun 22, 2018, 7:44 AM by Michael Richards

On May 17, Wells Elementary School held its third and final “Breakfast of Champions” for the 2017-18 school year.  Fifty-eight first through fourth grade students (kindergarteners not included in this program) were recognized for being observed demonstrating, in school, one or more of the school’s core values.

Parents and guests also attended the event.  Following the breakfast, the honorees were called to the stage individually to hear Principal April Noble explain why they were picked for this honor.  Assistant Principal Theresa Curran then handed each a certificate of recognition and a special sticker to wear. 
“I was thrilled to present these students with these awards,” commented Noble.  “It's important to honor students who routinely demonstrate the values of respect, responsibility, honesty, trustworthiness, compassion and cooperation.”  

According to Noble, any WES staff member witnessing a student who routinely employs one or more of the school’s core values in interaction with others can select that student to attend the breakfast and be recognized.  Selection may also be based on just a single “above and beyond” instance of genuinely demonstrating one of these values.  

Students recognized (in the order they were called to the stage by grade level) were: (4th Grade): Ragan Schank, Ronnie Delisle, Meghan Kaszubinski, Logan Lorello, Brydon Marcotte and Madison Webb.  (3rd Grade) Daniel Bell, Connor Brown, Michael Curtis, Isabelle Hamel, Sydney Orben, Jesse Pullen, Megan Roberts, Devyn Woodman, Summer Durham, Charlie Hamlyn, Malina Hoffman, Noah McDonough, Leo Orben, Elizabeth Randall, Ben Brown, Cameron Cole, Kaitlyn Daly, Francesca MacEwen, Eloise Ouellette, Isabella Randle, Thomas Spencer, and Tanner Tufts.  (2nd Grade) Colin Moody, Graeme Mertens, Grayson Mosher, Luke Boucher, Arianna Cogliano, Kayana Jacobson-Theriault, Jace Messer, Luke Heigelmann, Dylan Hudnall, Hannah Lilly, Sophia Ouellet, Raegan Petrus, Carson Vennard, and Ava Wheeler.  (1st Grade) Maverick Grover, Zoie Pelletier, Justin Spinney, Diana Krasteva, Kenzey Ricker-Geletka, Izabella Smith, Henry Bradish, Camellia Cantara, Robert Roche, Whitney Thomas, Joshua Watts, Sean Ahern, Vienna Cardinali, Logan Henry, Peyton Shepard, and Sophia Wilson. 

“I have not participated in a program like Breakfast of Champions before and I love the idea of recognizing students throughout the year for going above and beyond showing the CORE values that we know fosters success later in lives.” added Noble.  “I love that it is a tradition that began at the high school (Wells High School), but now starts here at the elementary school.”  
Breakfast of Champions awardees
First through fourth grade students recognized recently for demonstrating Wells Elementary School’s core values

Wells-Ogunquit CSD recognizes retiring staff and those with 20 years of service to the District

posted Jun 22, 2018, 4:59 AM by Michael Richards

The end of the 2017-2018 school year in the Wells-Ogunquit Community School District (WOCSD) found eight staff members retiring.  In addition, three staff members (including one who is also retiring) reached the 20-year milestone in service to the District.  

All of these individuals were honored on June 19th in a “Celebration of Service to Education” luncheon in appreciation of their service and dedication to education.   This annual event was held for all District staff members at Wells Junior High School. 

WOCSD Superintendent Jim Daly spoke first in appreciation of those assembled.  He was followed by the principals of the District’s three schools including April Noble of Wells Elementary School, Robert Griffin of Wells Junior High School and Eileen Sheehy of Wells High School who recognized the following individuals from their schools with comments and gift bags.  
Retiring is Sandy Brennan (44 years of service), Bruce Fearon (39 years), Deb Howard (27 years), Henry Ingwersen (20 years), Tari Matthews (24 years), Cheryl Oakes (22 years),  Karen Westerberg (14 years), and Adrienne Zwetsloot (23 years).  Henry Ingwersen, Chris Milliken and Diane St. Onge were recognized for 20 years of service to the District.  

“I want you to go and enjoy the summer,” said Superintendent Daly in closing remarks. “I think that is extremely important.”   Addressing those not retiring he commented, “…come back refreshed, come back motivated, come back caring about kids and continue to do what you do.”  In speaking about education and the operation of a school, Daly added, “We couldn’t do it without secretaries, without custodial staff, without the teachers, Ed Techs, you name it; it’s all of us together.  That’s what a team is, everybody pitching in, working together to make sure that we’re looking out for the best interest of kids. That’s what we do. .. You make a difference every day.” 
End of the Year Honorees
Wells-Ogunquit CSD staff honored on June 19th for their service: (l to r) Deb Howard, Cheryl Oakes, Sandy Brennan, Chris Milliken, Henry Ingwersen, Karen Westerberg, and Bruce Fearon.  Absent from the photo: Tari Matthews, Adrienne Zwetsloot and Diane St. Onge

WHS 2018 Graduation to be shown on cable TV in Wells and Ogunquit

posted Jun 20, 2018, 8:57 AM by Michael Richards

Wells High School held its 115th graduation ceremony on Sunday, June 10th awarding 102 students (100 % of the class) their diplomas. 

The ceremony will be shown on Spectrum® Channel 3 in Wells and Ogunquit beginning June 20rd and running through July 8th at the following times:  Wednesdays and Thursdays at 4:00 p.m. and Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 8:00 p.m. 

Following the Processional, the proceedings got underway with a group of seniors singing the national anthem “a cappella style”.  WHS Principal Eileen Sheehy acknowledged the Wells-Ogunquit communities for their generous support of $120,000 for scholarships awarded at Convocation the previous Thursday.   She also highlighted the numerous academic, artistic, athletic and other achievements and success of the Class of 2018.  During her comments, she noted that the Class of 2018 had raised $68,000 this past year for local charities and had volunteered 8,000 hours in community service.  “You are compassionate, resourceful, skilled and dedicated young adults,” the principal said at one point.  

In her closing remarks, Sheehy stated, “You each are well prepared for the uncertain and thrilling years ahead of you.  My hope is that you will continue to lead your life with the character and poise you have displayed over your years here at Wells High.   On behalf of everyone at Wells High School, I am deeply grateful for all that you have given to our school and communities.  We all wish you the very, very best.”  

Speeches were also made by Class Valedictorian Estelle Reardon and Salutatorian Anya Chase.  This year’s commencement speaker was Wells High School Class of 2004 alumnus and musician/rapper, Ryan Peters, known professionally as “Spose”.   Peters’ speech, in part, dealt with his life after high school and moving towards his goal of becoming a successful musician.  At the end of his speech. Peters received a standing ovation.  Also on stage that day assisting with the ceremony was Assistant Principal Josh Gould, Class Vice President Ryan Norton, Class President Madison Szczygiel and School Committee members Jason Vennard and Helena Ackerson. 

Graduates singing the national anthem
Singing the Star Spangled Banner at the 2018 WHS Graduation are from left: Kate Perry, Kylie Belanger, Raven Goodell, and Delaney McDonnell

Commencement address by Spose
At the podium delivering the 2018 WHS Commencement Address is Ryan Peters also known as Spose.  Behind him and sitting left to right is WHS Assistant Principal Josh Gould, Class Vice President Ryan Norton, Class President Madison Szczygiel and WHS Principal Eileen Sheehy.

WHS seniors visit elementary school before graduation

posted Jun 14, 2018, 4:20 AM by Michael Richards

On June 7th, in what has become a tradition over recent years, the senior class at Wells High School, all dressed in graduation caps and gowns, walked the short distance from their school to Wells Elementary School.  Just three days before their Sunday graduation, they came to visit the students and staff and walk the school’s hallways one last time before beginning the next chapter in their lives.  At center in the photo leading the Class of 2018 into her school past cheering fourth and multi ¾ grade students is WES Principal April Noble.   The rest of the student body and staff lined the school’s hallways to cheer the seniors on. 
WHS Seniors at WES

WES welcomed students and their families to after-school motivational event

posted Jun 12, 2018, 4:12 AM by Michael Richards

The Title I Team at Wells Elementary School organized and held “Avoid the Summer Slide”, an event for Title I students and their families on May 17th.    According to the group, they welcomed about 77 attendees (from 30 families) for an early evening dinner plus math and literacy activities.  Team members include Kim Richard, Karen Valliere, Nancy Talbot, Bonnie Esty, and Lucille Pisano. Volunteers included students from Wells Junior High School and some WES classroom teachers.

The evening was designed to help prevent students from losing skills in literacy and math over the summer.  To keep students reading and working on their math skills regularly during the warm summer months, they were given a calendar of daily literacy and math activities.  Students also left with materials to play literacy and math games.  Those who return their calendars when school resumes in September will be entered into a drawing to win one of two bicycles donated by the Masons of Ocean Lodge #142.  

“I found tonight's event very informative,” stated one parent in feedback comments.   Another parent commented, “I liked being shown how to get my son to have fun while learning! That's definitely the way to do it.” 

“Avoid the Summer Slide” was also attended by Allison Herman, Assistant Library Director and Head of Youth Services at the Wells Public Library.  She spoke about the library’s summer reading program.
Preventing the Summer Slide
In the photo are a few of the students who attended WES’s “Avoid the Summer Slide”.  Sitting on the right side of the table are (left to right), Whitney Thomas, Mason Miles, and Emma Roberts.

Communications and terrorism expert speaks to students at WHS

posted Jun 6, 2018, 5:01 AM by Michael Richards

In May, an expert in communications and terrorism spoke about his work to a large group of Wells High School sophomores and others in the Olenn Auditorium.  In his lecture, Professor and Chair of the Department of Communication at the University of Buffalo, Mark G. Frank, Ph.D. focused on lying.   He showed video clips to demonstrate how a trained interviewer can detect when someone is lying through careful observation of subtle “micro” facial expressions and body language. 

But this is just one aspect of Dr. Frank’s research and teaching career.  He has a long list of accomplishments including training over 1,000 law enforcement agencies and being a founding member of the FBI's Terrorism Research and Analysis Project.   His research has been funded by The National Science Foundation, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Department of Defense.

Several of the video clips shown were research videos featuring college students either truthfully answering questions or putting on an act to conceal lying in their answers.  Following the clips, Dr. Frank would ask the audience for a show of hands as to who they thought was lying.   

Sometimes deception in someone is not so easy to spot without the aid of technology.  One clip shown required Dr. Frank to freeze frame a segment of a video to reveal something startling that the casual viewer would miss.  At one point in a video deposition for a civil case that involved him, OJ Simpson is shown a photograph of himself wearing a pair of Bruno Magli shoes.  Buried in that split-second of deposition footage is a remarkable image of a wide-eyed and seemingly horrified Simpson as he discovers that he is waring that brand of shoes in the photo, shoes he indicated once that he would never wear, and a brand of shoes worn by the murderer in the 1994 murder of his wife and friend, a crime Simpson was acquitted of earlier in a criminal trial in Los Angeles.  

“It’s always important, I think, for students to understand how science ultimately gets deployed,” said Dr. Frank after his presentation.  He believes students need to understand how seemingly insignificant experiments such as researching facial expressions can ultimately lead to something major including apprehending terrorists.   He hopes presentations like this will help bring science to life for students so that they can make informed decisions when, as voting citizens, they are presented with choices about funding scientific research.

This presentation was planned by WHS social studies teacher Kevin O'Shaughnessy who commented later that student responses to the lecture were “very positive.”  “Dr. Frank is a real-life example of an expert that explains and trains law enforcement in techniques that help catch (terrorists) or prevent terrorist acts,” commented O’Shaughnessy who is a long-time friend of Dr. Frank.   O’Shaughnessy has hosted previous lectures by Dr. Frank in his AP Psychology class.  This lecture was held primarily for sophomores in World After 1945 classes taught by O’Shaughnessy and colleague Kristen Thompson.  That course includes a study unit on terrorism.                                          

“Students were genuinely interested in Dr. Frank's information on profiling,” commented social studies teacher Kristen Thompson. “They related to his sense of humor and were an involved audience. They particularly liked learning about the facial characteristics that indicate lying!”   

Terrorism speaker
At the lectern and in front of a power point collage of various infamous characters on May 17, 2018 is communications and terrorism expert Dr. Mark G. Frank of the University of Buffalo

WJHS Students “rally” for upcoming blood drive at WJHS

posted May 30, 2018, 12:46 PM by Michael Richards

The Wells Junior High School student body filled the seats in the Ward Gymnasium on May 23rd for a blood drive “rally” featuring a student quiz show presented by the American Red Cross. This was in advance of an actual blood drive to be held by the Red Cross at WJHS in the Ward Gym on June 4th from 1pm to 6pm.  

The panel for the quiz show consisted of representatives from the school’s grades who sat in front of the audience to answer questions from Sherry Woodes of the Red Cross’ Portland office.  Woodes came to the presentation with two student volunteers from Greely High School who assisted her while appearing as a big brown dog and a “very” large drop of blood with eyes.  

Woodes indicated that employing a quiz show format before a group of students is an idea that she tried for the first time at WJHS.  “It was a great response. The kids were fantastic,” she said.   

Woodes, the Donor Recruitment Account Manager for York County, indicated that this informational and motivational event at the school was part of the Red Cross’ Future Donor Program targeted to educate, engage and motivate a middle school audience.  Despite being too young to donate blood, this presentation is to communicate to them that they can still play a role in helping in the ongoing cause to build up critical blood supplies.  Woodes said that she organizes and coordinates the blood drives in York County, averaging 25 each month.

Woodes pointed out in the presentation that there are many ways students can help make a blood drive successful including informing and motivating their parents and other adults to come to an upcoming blood drive at their school.  “They need to go out and talk to adults.  They need to let adults know about the blood drive and the importance of donating blood,” said Woodes.  

"Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood,” commented Woodes later. “It is the blood (that is) already on the shelves that saves lives, which is why we must work hard every day to constantly replenish the supply."    

For more information on the blood drive, call Sherry Woods at 207-831-4541.  WJHS staff members Ellen Rodman and Dianne Hussey were the coordinators for Woodes’ appearance at the school.  WJHS’s Health teacher Rodman can be reached at 646-5142 during regular school hours. 
WJHS Blood Drive Rally Game

At left is American Red Cross Account Manager Sherry Woodes quizzing a panel of WJHS students on “all things blood”. 

Wells High School Graduation and Top Ten list for 2018

posted May 30, 2018, 5:16 AM by Michael Richards

Wells High School will hold commencement exercises on June 10th at 1:00 pm at Warrior Memorial Field.  Estelle Reardon is the Class of 2018 Valedictorian and Anya Chase is Class Salutatorian.  This year’s commencement speaker will be Wells High School Class of 2004 alumnus and musician/rapper, Ryan Peters, known professionally as “Spose”.  

The Wells High School Guidance Department has released the names of the top ten academically ranked students for the Class of 2018.  What follows is an alphabetical listing along with abbreviated school biographies. 

Kylie Belanger is the daughter of Lili and Todd Belanger of Wells.  She will be attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute to major in Biotechnology.  Kylie has challenged herself at virtually every opportunity with honors-level coursework as well as Advanced Placement (AP) courses throughout high school.  Not only has she been a solid, committed member of the WHS Basketball, Lacrosse and Soccer teams but has held leadership roles in the Interact Club, Student Council (president), FEMS in STEM, Philosophy Club and the National Honor Society (president).  She has received WHS book awards, including the St. Michael’s College Book Award, Student of the Trimester award and is a 2017 recipient of the National School Development Council’s Award for Academic Growth and Student Leadership.  She has participated on the Prom Committee and performed with the WHS Select A Cappella group, Chorus, and Drama Club.  Kylie has volunteered for numerous community service opportunities including the “Shootin’ for a Cure” breast cancer fundraiser, Tour de Cure for Diabetes, Catholic Charities of Maine, National Reading Day, Band Boosters Turkey Dinners, Preble Street Food Shelter and at the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital.  She has served the homeless at special events and is a valued member of her local church.  
Belanger Top 10

Anya Chase is the Class of 2018 Salutatorian and daughter of Sophia and Matt Chase of Wells.  Anya will be attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology majoring in Biological Engineering.  At WHS, she has received a plethora of academic awards including a Literacy Achievement Award, WHS book awards in numerous subjects including the Dartmouth Book Award and Student of the Trimester recognition.  She is not only an AP Scholar with Distinction but actively involved in the WHS Student Council, Quiz Show Team, Math Team, and the National Honor Society.  Anya has made a solid commitment to the WHS Field Hockey, Basketball and Softball teams earning numerous athletic awards, including Western Maine Conference All-Star, MaxPreps National Player of the Week, Journal Tribune Softball MVP, Portland Press Herald “Softball Player to Watch,” as well as earning recognition on the All-State Softball Team.  Anya has dedicated her time to the community by participating in the “Shootin’ for a Cure” fundraiser and volunteering at Wells Parks and Recreation. She has tutored 8th-grade math students and volunteered at the Wells Public Library.
Chase Top 10

Olivia Durfee is the daughter of Tracy and James Durfee of Wells.  Olivia will be attending Sewanee: The University of the South majoring in Biology/PreMed.  At WHS she has been a member of the Student Council, FEMS in STEM, the Philosophy Club, and National Honor Society. She is also a 2017 recipient of the National School Development Council’s Award for Academic Growth and Student Leadership.  She has served as vice-president and president of the Interact Club and has volunteered her time throughout the community including for “Shootin’ for a Cure”, the Preble Street Food Shelter, the Ronald McDonald House, and numerous blood drives.  Olivia has been a solid member of the WHS Soccer, Basketball and Softball teams and has received the Warrior Pride Award plus an MVP award in soccer.          
Durfee Top 10

Raven Goodell is the daughter of Jason and Deanna Goodell of Wells.  Raven will be attending the University of Maine at Orono majoring in Music.  She is a Questbridge College Prep Scholar, a recipient of a Breakfast of Champions recognition and numerous WHS book awards.  She has been a member of the WHS Select A Cappella group, the WHS Band and the Jazz Band, Chorus and Winter Guard.  She has donated countless hours at the Safe Haven Humane Society, as well as volunteering with “Starz for Broadway” at Wells Elementary School.  
Goodell Top 10

Mitchell Libby is the son of David and Karen Libby of Wells.  Mitchell will be attending the University of Southern California this fall majoring in Electrical Engineering.  While at WHS, he has been a four-year member of both the Track & Field and Cross Country teams.  Mitchell has also made solid, four-year commitments to the WHS Jazz band and Concert Band programs.  A member of the Philosophy club, he is also Captain of both the Math Team and Cross Country teams.  Libby also received WHS’s Athlete of the Month for October of 2016 and October of 2017 for running on the boys cross country team.  In November of 2017, he represented WHS in the 2017 New England Cross Country Championships.  Previously to that, he won the Western Maine Conference Division II Championship and finished 2nd in the state Class B championship.  Mitchell was voted “Mr. WHS” by his peers in the fall of his senior year.  
Libby Top 10

Estelle Reardon is the Class of 2018 Valedictorian and the daughter of Daniel and Muazzez (Gul) Reardon of Ogunquit.  Estelle will be attending the University of Chicago where she will major in Political Science and Creative Writing.  She has received numerous academic accolades while at WHS including first place in the Daughters of The American Revolution Good Citizenship Award in New England/New York, Literary Achievement Awards, selection to the New England Young Writers’ conference, recipient of the Phi Beta Kappa and Williams College Book Awards, semifinalist in the Letters about Literature contest, as well as Student of the Trimester and Breakfast of Champions recognitions.  As a freshman, she received Second Place in Voice of Democracy (the VFW’s high school equivalent to Patriot's Pen) youth writing contest. She is a member of the National Honor Society, president and founder of both the Philosophy and Real Facts Clubs and president of FEMS in STEM.  She has done two medical internships over the last two summers at the Maine Medical Research Center and the University of Southern Maine respectively.  At WHS she has also participated in outdoor track and cross country. She has published a story in a prominent Vermont literary magazine as well as an online novel.  The novel, entitled Elimination, has been read by over two thousand and is ranked five stars on the Inkitt website.  
Reardon Top 10

Megan Schneider is the daughter of Cheryl Turner and Ronald Schneider Jr. of Wells.  Megan has been accepted to St. Michael's College where she will major in English.  At WHS she has been co-president of the National Honor Society and vice-president of the Student Council.  Megan is a three-sport athlete, a frequent recipient of Warrior Pride Awards and is one of this year’s recipients of the Good Citizen Award of the Western Maine Conference.  Megan has served as team captain for both the volleyball and lacrosse programs and has made a solid, four-year commitment to the school’s basketball program as well.  She has received WHS book awards, is an AP student and recipient of the UNE’s Department of Environmental Studies Award. She has received a Silver Key and an Honorable Mention for Photography in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.  She has volunteered for Links for Liza, Shootin’ for a Cure, Little Dribblers, and at the Congregational Church of Wells.
Schneider Top 10

Madison Szczygiel is the daughter of Matthew and Debbie Szczygiel of Wells.  Madison will be attending Dalhousie University to major in Medical Sciences.  At WHS she has been a member of Interact, FEMS in STEM, Math Team and a member of the National Honor Society.  She is secretary of the Student Council and president of the senior class.  She has received the Good Citizenship Award of the Western Maine Conference, numerous WHS book awards including the Anselm Book Award.  She has received Athlete of the Month, Breakfast of Champions and Student of the Trimester recognitions.   She was involved with indoor/outdoor track, is captain of the Varsity Soccer team, manager of the Ice Hockey team and is a recipient of Varsity Track 30C Citizenship and Leadership awards. She was also a Western Maine Conference leadership representative.  
Szczygiel Top 10

Leah Tufts is the daughter of Karen and Charles Tufts of Wells.  She has been accepted to Bentley University as a member of their Honors and Women’s Leadership programs and will major in Business.  Leah has been president of the Student Council and has received numerous academic book awards, sportsmanship awards - including the WMC Good Sportsmanship Award, and scholastic recognitions including Student of the Trimester.  She was captain of both the WHS Lacrosse and Soccer teams and a member of the Girls Basketball team. Leah has also been class treasurer, a member of the Philosophy Club, Math Team, Quiz Show Team, National Honor Society, Interact Club, and vice-president of the FEMS in STEM club.  Leah has volunteered with Shootin for a Cure, Special Olympics York County, Future Stars Basketball Camp, The Ronald McDonald House; the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at Maine Medical Center and at Preble Street Food Shelter. Earlier this year, Leah was selected by WHS Principal Eileen Sheehy to receive the Maine Principals’ Award. 
Tufts Top 10

Channing Wang is the son of Michael and Celia Wang of Wells.  He will be attending Rice University to major in Economics.    At WHS, he served as treasurer of the Student Council and secretary of the National Honor Society.  Channing has served as class vice-president and secretary, is a member of the Quiz Show Team, Math Team, and the WHS Basketball team.  He also won a Silver Key for Photography in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.  Channing is a Questbridge College Prep Scholar and National College Match Finalist. 
Wang top 10

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