WMTW meteorologist visits with students and forecasts the weather live at WJHS

Meteorologist Ted McInerney and crew from WMTW Channel 8 visited Wells Junior High School one morning in late October to begin broadcasting live via satellite weather forecasts every ten minutes starting at 4:30 and ending at 7:00 a.m. McInerney’s visit was part of WMTW’s “Weather at Your School” program now in its 11th year.

Not long after the last broadcast, McInerney met with fifth-grade students and staff gathered in the Warrior Café. He spoke and took questions related to his background, his decision to become a meteorologist, weather forecasting, and related topics including severe weather conditions such as hurricanes and tornados. During his visit last year to WJHS McInerney said that he likes to cover snowstorms. However his favorite weather condition to report on is a “thunder snowstorm”.

According to McInerney his Monday through Friday morning work routine begins at 3 a.m. He starts collecting data from weather instruments and charts to form his prediction for the day’s weather. Later he presents his 12-hour forecast during the 4:30 a.m. news broadcast to help viewers prepare for their day when outdoors.

Jacqueline Myers, an ed-tech at WJHS, Principal Josh Gould, Assistant Principal Don Abbott, and teacher Tasha Potter were all part of the planning for McInerney’s visit to their school.

Myers observed that students “interacted well” with their special guests and “were extremely excited to be on television.” She added, “The presentation was so engaging that students became involved, asking inquisitive questions that increased their scientific knowledge about the weather.”

WMTW videographer Johanna Seal and satellite truck operator Keith Kettelhut accompanied McInerney to WJHS for these special broadcasts.

In the center of the photo is meteorologist Ted McInerney from WMTW Channel 8 showing Wells Junior High 5th grade students a recording of a broadcast that they had been a part of in the morning of October 26, 2022

photo courtesy of Jacqueline Myers