WJHS Students “rally” for upcoming blood drive at WJHS

Post date: May 30, 2018 7:46:7 PM

The Wells Junior High School student body filled the seats in the Ward Gymnasium on May 23rd for a blood drive “rally” featuring a student quiz show presented by the American Red Cross. This was in advance of an actual blood drive to be held by the Red Cross at WJHS in the Ward Gym on June 4th from 1pm to 6pm.

The panel for the quiz show consisted of representatives from the school’s grades who sat in front of the audience to answer questions from Sherry Woodes of the Red Cross’ Portland office. Woodes came to the presentation with two student volunteers from Greely High School who assisted her while appearing as a big brown dog and a “very” large drop of blood with eyes.

Woodes indicated that employing a quiz show format before a group of students is an idea that she tried for the first time at WJHS. “It was a great response. The kids were fantastic,” she said.

Woodes, the Donor Recruitment Account Manager for York County, indicated that this informational and motivational event at the school was part of the Red Cross’ Future Donor Program targeted to educate, engage and motivate a middle school audience. Despite being too young to donate blood, this presentation is to communicate to them that they can still play a role in helping in the ongoing cause to build up critical blood supplies. Woodes said that she organizes and coordinates the blood drives in York County, averaging 25 each month.

Woodes pointed out in the presentation that there are many ways students can help make a blood drive successful including informing and motivating their parents and other adults to come to an upcoming blood drive at their school. “They need to go out and talk to adults. They need to let adults know about the blood drive and the importance of donating blood,” said Woodes.

"Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood,” commented Woodes later. “It is the blood (that is) already on the shelves that saves lives, which is why we must work hard every day to constantly replenish the supply."

For more information on the blood drive, call Sherry Woods at 207-831-4541. WJHS staff members Ellen Rodman and Dianne Hussey were the coordinators for Woodes’ appearance at the school. WJHS’s Health teacher Rodman can be reached at 646-5142 during regular school hours.

At left is American Red Cross Account Manager Sherry Woodes quizzing a panel of WJHS students on “all things blood”.