WJHS Class Wraps Up Double Building Project

Post date: May 22, 2013 5:48:50 PM

The Town of Wells and the Town of Ogunquit each have a new shed to utilize thanks to the collaborative efforts of several Wells High School and Wells Junior High School students of WJHS Industrial Technology teacher Bob Winn.

Construction for one of the buildings began in class in the fall of 2012. By early May both buildings were finished and ready for delivery. During the first week in May, a blue-sided, 10’ by 16’ shed was relocated to the Ogunquit Transfer Station. Its function will be to house a “swap shop” where still usable items no longer wanted by one can be swapped for other items.

The 8’ by 16’ building with white siding was constructed this spring. Its home will be at the Wells Harbor Community Park in Wells where it will provide storage space and house a power meter.

According to Winn, he has been guiding and supervising such student projects for about 20 years. While some projects are for the community, many have been built for individuals who have expressed an interest in a student constructed shed and paid for the building supplies.

In the spring of 2012, 14 students from WHS and WJHS built 30 pressure treated wooden waste receptacles for beach and park areas in the Town of Wells. At that time, Winn expressed his belief that such collaborative work between school and community not only benefits the town but provides a ‘service learning’ experience for students.

“It’s an opportunity for these kids to be involved in a community-type project; working, helping the towns out,” said Winn recently. “The towns make out financially a little bit and the kids make out because they get to see their work and stuff that they’ve put together. It’s a great thing.”

In the next school year, Winn plans to construct a shed for the Wells-Ogunquit Center at Moody, the Wells-Ogunquit CSD and one for Wells Harbor.

Caption: Standing (and squinting a bit from bright sunlight) by a newly created shed for Wells Harbor Community Park in Wells are most of Winn’s students who helped complete two shed projects in Industrial Technology class this year. In the photo are Josh Yee, Lane Brooks, Ryan Shackford, Christian Levesque, Al Ramsdell, Chad Daly, Brian Beeler, Tyler McDonnell, Jesse Taylor, Ethan Huber-Young, Trevor Hobbs, Bob Winn. Missing from photo are Dave Ladlow, Cullen Cummings and Savannah Hamburger.