WHS’s Project Graduation to hold a candle-making fundraiser

Project Graduation at Wells High School will be featuring a “Pour a Candle” fundraiser at Sea Love in Kennebunkport located on the second floor above Abacus Gallery at 2 Ocean Avenue November 9th and 10th from 4 pm to 8 pm.

“…experience Sea Love’s candle bar and boutique,” reads a flyer for this event. “Your custom candle experience includes exploring 100+ fragrances and choosing your favorite vessel as you are guided through the candle pouring process.”

According to Kim Woodward of WHS Project Graduation 2022, the candle-making will take place during several one-hour time slots that will hold 12 people each.

Those interested in helping out a great cause, learning candle making and being creative doing so should pre-register by visiting Sea Love’s website at https://sealovecandles.com/ Once there click on the “Pour a Candle” tab. Then find and click the “Reserve Your Seat” link which will bring up the “Wells Project Graduation” link. Once you click that find and click “NEXT” to open a calendar that will allow you to book a reservation for a one-hour time period for the 9th or 10th of November.

Twenty-five percent of the proceeds from this fundraiser will go to support the efforts of Project Graduation to provide a chemical-free celebration for all WHS graduates following graduation in June. Currently, the WHS Class of 2022 consists of 103 students.

For more information send an email to WHS Project Graduation 2022 at: wellspg2022@gmail.com.