WGME Channel 13 Holds Large Pep Rally and Broadcasts Live from Wells High School Gym

Post date: Oct 18, 2013 6:7:18 PM

The roof rafters in Wells High School’s Ronco Gymnasium were being strained, perhaps raised just a little, beginning at 5 am on September 13th as the entire WHS student body was invited to show up dressed in their school colors of red, white and black to participate in WGME Channel 13’s School Spirit Challenge.

From 5:00 am till 7:00 am, students in the bleachers and all of the fall athletic teams, including the WHS Band readily accepted Channel 13 news anchor Jeff Peterson’s challenges to display some “spirited” team spirit and show how much they liked their school for an early morning television audience.

News anchorman Peterson was at Wells High School with a television crew to do a live remote broadcast every 15 minutes from the school as part of Channel 13’s School Spirit Challenge during Daybreak this fall.

But there is more to the School Spirit Challenge than coming together and “firing up the troops” to root for their home team on live television. According to WGME’s website, “The program is designed to promote the community and good stewardship with students of high schools in Central and Southern Maine through an ongoing food drive to benefit the Good Shepherd Food Bank.”

So, before WHS students came to the rally on Friday the 13th, they were encouraged to bring non-perishable food items to the gym for donation. And donate, they did.

Although the exact amount collected has not been announced, Activities Director Jack Molloy said that he believes “several hundred pounds were collected” from students and staff.

And there is a prize. According to the WGME website, the school that collects the most pounds of food will be presented with the Spirit Trophy Cup at the end of the school football season.

This was the second stop for Peterson and his film crew in a program that plans a visit to a Southern or Central Maine high school every Friday from September 6th to October 25th.

Caption: With microphone in hand is Jeff Peterson of WGME Ch. 13 broadcasting from Wells High School on September 13th. Peterson and a cameraman are standing in front of boys and girls soccer teams.

Caption: Holding a microphone is Jeff Peterson of WGME Channel 13 broadcasting from Wells High School on September 13th. Peterson and a cameraman are standing in the midst of (from left to right) several members of the WHS Football Team, WHS Cheerleading Team and WHS Band.