WES welcomed students and their families to after-school motivational event

Post date: Jun 12, 2018 11:12:43 AM

The Title I Team at Wells Elementary School organized and held “Avoid the Summer Slide”, an event for Title I students and their families on May 17th. According to the group, they welcomed about 77 attendees (from 30 families) for an early evening dinner plus math and literacy activities. Team members include Kim Richard, Karen Valliere, Nancy Talbot, Bonnie Esty, and Lucille Pisano. Volunteers included students from Wells Junior High School and some WES classroom teachers.

The evening was designed to help prevent students from losing skills in literacy and math over the summer. To keep students reading and working on their math skills regularly during the warm summer months, they were given a calendar of daily literacy and math activities. Students also left with materials to play literacy and math games. Those who return their calendars when school resumes in September will be entered into a drawing to win one of two bicycles donated by the Masons of Ocean Lodge #142.

“I found tonight's event very informative,” stated one parent in feedback comments. Another parent commented, “I liked being shown how to get my son to have fun while learning! That's definitely the way to do it.”

“Avoid the Summer Slide” was also attended by Allison Herman, Assistant Library Director and Head of Youth Services at the Wells Public Library. She spoke about the library’s summer reading program.

In the photo are a few of the students who attended WES’s “Avoid the Summer Slide”. Sitting on the right side of the table are (left to right), Whitney Thomas, Mason Miles, and Emma Roberts.