WES students exceed at a reading challenge and lunch with special guests

Earlier this spring Wells Elementary School students participated in a reading incentive program called “Get Fired Up For Reading”.  The challenge for them was to log a combined total of 170,000 minutes of reading in a month’s time.  They not only met the goal but exceeded it by over 97,000 minutes. 

“Our students did a phenomenal job with this reading challenge,” commented Principal Kyle Burnell.  “Getting kids excited about reading and working toward a common goal brought a positive atmosphere to the school.  I am proud of our kids for the work they did to achieve their goal.”

In order to track student progress over the four-week period, a large colorful paper dragon’s head was created and displayed on one of the school’s first-floor hallways. In the meantime, parent and community volunteers recorded the time each student read. For every 20 minutes completed by a student, a square representing a scale for the dragon was added to the display.  As time passed, hundreds of scale squares were placed behind the head.  By the end of the program, the dragon’s body and tail were complete and stretched prominently down the hallway. 

A day before the April school vacation began, students were rewarded for their hard work and dedication by having lunch with various Wells and Ogunquit police, fire, and rescue personnel. 

However, that was not all.  When the project began Principal Burnell promised the students that upon reaching their goal he would wear a dragon costume at school.  And, as promised, he greeted students as part of a red dragon at their arrival and dismissal times from school on April 13th.

A WES student stands alone for a moment to survey a very large paper dragon that now spans a WES school hallway. Each scale on the body of the dragon represents 20 minutes of reading by a student

WES Principal Kyle Burnell greeting students on April 13th