Wells IGA Donates Supplies for Emergency Kits

Post date: Sep 05, 2014 5:41:6 PM

Just before the start of the current school year, Wells IGA generously donated hundreds of bottles of water and an equal number of granola bars to help restock student emergency kits at Wells Elementary School, population 450 students.

On August 29th, Nicholas and Nawarat Hunter, owners of Wells IGA, and son Tyler assisted WES Assistant Principal Ken Spinney and WOCSD Facilities Manager Dave Smith load the supplies onto a pickup for delivery to the school. Tyler is a fourth grade student at WES.

“We appreciate the support from our community businesses such as the IGA,” said Spinney. “It is great having partners in education.” He later expressed, “This was very generous of them.”

According to Spinney, these kits need to be replenished once per year to maintain freshness.

Caption: From left to right is Nawarat Hunter, Nicholas Hunter, and Ken Spinney.