Wells High School holds breakfast to recognize its “champs”

Post date: Oct 26, 2016 11:35:49 AM

Wells High School hosted its first Breakfast of Champions of the 2016-2017 school year on October 20th. This event is held three times each school year in honor of students, staff and community members whose service and/ or generosity have enriched Wells High School. Students who go “above and beyond” in service to the school or contributed to the positive culture of Wells High School are recognized.

Those that are nominated include students, teachers, secretaries, custodians and others. They are generally nominated by a coach, teacher or staff member based upon a variety of criteria including academic progress, positive contributions and/or demonstrations of excellence in the classroom and the school community.

This time, sixteen students, one staff member and a community member were honored at the breakfast.

Students (in alphabetical order) included: Ashleigh Bolduc, Tim Bullard, Matthew Chase, Tyler Evans, Jackson Gilliland, Seana Grealey, Lily Iannillo, Paige Ladlow, Taryn Lambert, Dylan MacKay, Jade Moffett, Wesley Moody, Ivy Pevear, Estell Reardon, Kimberly Towne, and Michael Wrigley.

Staff member Paula Brayson and owner of Me and D’d Diner in Wells, Marianne Shaw, were also honored at the breakfast as school champions. Shaw was selected to team up with a student and do vocational training in baking.

Those attending the Breakfast of Champions on October 20th