Wells Elementary School recognizes its core value “champs”

Post date: Jun 22, 2018 2:44:13 PM

On May 17, Wells Elementary School held its third and final “Breakfast of Champions” for the 2017-18 school year. Fifty-eight first through fourth grade students (kindergarteners not included in this program) were recognized for being observed demonstrating, in school, one or more of the school’s core values.

Parents and guests also attended the event. Following the breakfast, the honorees were called to the stage individually to hear Principal April Noble explain why they were picked for this honor. Assistant Principal Theresa Curran then handed each a certificate of recognition and a special sticker to wear.

“I was thrilled to present these students with these awards,” commented Noble. “It's important to honor students who routinely demonstrate the values of respect, responsibility, honesty, trustworthiness, compassion and cooperation.”

According to Noble, any WES staff member witnessing a student who routinely employs one or more of the school’s core values in interaction with others can select that student to attend the breakfast and be recognized. Selection may also be based on just a single “above and beyond” instance of genuinely demonstrating one of these values.

Students recognized (in the order they were called to the stage by grade level) were: (4th Grade): Ragan Schank, Ronnie Delisle, Meghan Kaszubinski, Logan Lorello, Brydon Marcotte and Madison Webb. (3rd Grade) Daniel Bell, Connor Brown, Michael Curtis, Isabelle Hamel, Sydney Orben, Jesse Pullen, Megan Roberts, Devyn Woodman, Summer Durham, Charlie Hamlyn, Malina Hoffman, Noah McDonough, Leo Orben, Elizabeth Randall, Ben Brown, Cameron Cole, Kaitlyn Daly, Francesca MacEwen, Eloise Ouellette, Isabella Randle, Thomas Spencer, and Tanner Tufts. (2nd Grade) Colin Moody, Graeme Mertens, Grayson Mosher, Luke Boucher, Arianna Cogliano, Kayana Jacobson-Theriault, Jace Messer, Luke Heigelmann, Dylan Hudnall, Hannah Lilly, Sophia Ouellet, Raegan Petrus, Carson Vennard, and Ava Wheeler. (1st Grade) Maverick Grover, Zoie Pelletier, Justin Spinney, Diana Krasteva, Kenzey Ricker-Geletka, Izabella Smith, Henry Bradish, Camellia Cantara, Robert Roche, Whitney Thomas, Joshua Watts, Sean Ahern, Vienna Cardinali, Logan Henry, Peyton Shepard, and Sophia Wilson.

“I have not participated in a program like Breakfast of Champions before and I love the idea of recognizing students throughout the year for going above and beyond showing the CORE values that we know fosters success later in lives.” added Noble. “I love that it is a tradition that began at the high school (Wells High School), but now starts here at the elementary school.”

First through fourth grade students recognized recently for demonstrating Wells Elementary School’s core values