Wells Elementary School recognizes its “champions”

Post date: Nov 30, 2017 12:28:34 PM

On November 17th, Wells Elementary School held its first of the school year “Breakfast of Champions” to recognize 49 of its K-4 students for demonstrating or modeling one or more of the school’s core values while interacting with fellow students or school staff during October. According to WES Principal April Noble these values include respect, responsibility, honesty, trustworthiness, and compassion towards others. Parents and guests also attended the event. Following the breakfast, these honorees received a certificate of recognition and a special sticker to wear throughout the school day.

Those honored included Gabby Adams, Nia Borberg, Liam Chase, Jameson Russell, Michael Sargent, Khloe Tardif, Emily Chick, Emily Bolduc, Zoe Chabot, Gabby Hussey, Colin Moody, Camden Springer, Eva Talevi, Coleman Hubbard, Lucas Madsen, LilyBeth Ward, Kaylee Webber, Reid Brogan, Mason Colbeth, Baylee Heath, Cody Lockard, Dyllan Gaines, Carter Moody, Alexis Chase, Isabella Fagle, Annaliese Latulippe, Autumn Leslie, Carolyn Nichols, Madelyn Nichols, Mia Foley, Kayana Jacobson-Theriault, Dominic Lorello, Rusty Rousseau, Evelyn Videtto, Michael Curtis, Emily Finch, Jesse Pullen, Megan Roberts, Gauge Shepard, Kailyne Twombley, Devyn Woodman, Chase Pullen, Devan Jones, Aiden Lear-Lapierre, Evelina Lucas, Kevin Bolduc, Evan Chase, Paul Stair, and Joey Nawfel.

Wells Elementary School’s K-4 students recognized recently for demonstrating WES’s core values