Wells Elementary School recognizes champions at breakfast

Post date: Dec 13, 2018 4:13:19 PM

In late November, Wells Elementary School held its first “Breakfast of Champions” for the 2018-19 school year. Over two dozen first through fourth-grade students were recognized in front of an audience of parents, staff and guests for demonstrating one or more of the school’s core values in school. Those values include responsibility, honesty, trustworthiness plus compassion and respect for others.

“This November, 29 students were recognized and enjoyed a healthy delicious breakfast prepared by our kitchen staff and served by parent volunteers,” commented WES Principal April Noble.

According to the principal, there were some recent changes to this program. “This year the leadership team decided EVERY staff member would be able to nominate one child for a core value award. She noted, “In the past, only classroom teachers would recognize students and now anyone in the building can recognize someone each trimester.”

Honored on November 30th were Zoe Borberg, Luke Boucher, Mattie Carpentier, Hunter Chadbourne, London Chadwick, Arianna Cogliano, Alivia Collin, Isla Collins, Gracey Copper, Baya Cuevas, Lily Desper, Logan Desper, Savannah Dunlap-Woodward, Emily Finch, Cole Gauthier, Weston McKinnon, Mila Mustacka, Carolyn Nichols, Andrew Parker, Alicja Izabella Paszkowska, Lincoln Polacke, Chase Pullen, Kaden Richard, Rusty Rousseau, Ethan Smith, Selena Sola, Joshua Watts, Kaylee Webber and Devyn Woodman.

As with a similar honorary breakfast at Wells High School, the elementary breakfast occurs three times per school year. “I love the idea of recognizing students throughout the year for going above and beyond showing the CORE values that we know fosters success later in lives,” commented Noble last spring.

Most of the first through fourth-grade students recognized on November 30th for demonstrating Wells Elementary School’s core values

From left to right is core value award recipient and fourth-grade student Alivia Collin, her sister Reece (in 1st grade), dad Phillippe Collin, younger sister (not in school yet) and mom, Jenny Jo Collin