Tulip planting for kindergarteners at WES reaches 20th year

In the early afternoon of November 14th, kindergarten students at Wells Elementary School were escorted one classroom at a time to the school’s courtyard so that each could plant a tulip bulb.  Since the fall of 2003, the time when the current WES school building was opened, this brief introduction to gardening for the school’s youngest students has become an annual tradition.  

Kyle Burnell is the principal of WES. "I love the tradition of planting tulip bulbs at WES!” commented Burnell. “The students are excited to participate in the fall, and are equally happy when their flowers bloom in the spring.  I appreciate all the volunteers and staff members that make this experience possible for our kids!"

Over 100 holes for the bulbs were pre-dug in the courtyard by school volunteers who also assisted students later in burying them.  This year the volunteers included Lacey Bouchard, Adam Dufort, Laura Dufort, Nicole Manos, Christine Phillips, and Laura Sacoco.  

One of these volunteers summed up the student planting experience succinctly.  “It’s a great way to get kindergarteners outside with nature and anticipate spring,” commented Manos whose child Owen was one of the gardeners.  

As in years past, the bulbs were purchased and provided by the school’s PTSA organization, and, as in the past 20 years, the coordination for the tulip project was organized by Wells-Ogunquit CSD Community Resource Coordinator Maryanne Foley.  Currently, there are 108 kindergarten students enrolled at Wells Elementary School.  

In this image, WOCSD Community Resource Coordinator Maryanne Foley is speaking to students from one of the six classrooms of kindergarteners at WES.  Behind Foley is school volunteer Christine Phillips

Hudson, a kindergarten student, is planting his bulb with help from his mom, Lacey Bouchard 

Having just finished planting his bulb is Owen with his mom, Nicole Manos.