Students raise funds to purchase park bench for break area

Post date: Sep 10, 2018 11:58:12 AM

While walking around their school’s track one day last September, a small group of fifth grade students at Wells Junior High School came to the realization that something was missing from their recess area. There were basketball courts and lots of pavement but there was little place to sit and eat a snack or just enjoy morning recess. They needed a bench!

The group first suggested constructing one but their teacher, Beth Goodwin, in the spirit of sustainability, suggested that they consider working towards buying a bench made from recyclable material.

And so, began a year-long effort to bring a long-lasting bench to an area located behind the fifth grade wing of their school. With durability in mind, students researched various benches, held weekly planning sessions at lunchtime, and collected returnable bottles to build up their Clynk account. By the end of May, they had saved $100.

With that amount plus a $200 donation from the WJHS Green Team and another $100 from the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), a six-foot green and black bench was ordered. It seemed a fitting choice since the weatherproof bench was made, in part, from recycled plastic bottles.

The bench was delivered to WJHS on June 12th and assembled by the students with assistance from custodian, Carrol Crouch. When completed, it was moved into place between two maple trees behind the fifth grade wing.

“And (now) we don’t have to sit on the ground anymore,” said one happy student when the group was being interviewed about their project. According to another, Mariana Molina, $375 had to be raised to buy the bench.

“This worked out really well,” said Goodwin who hopes to work towards adding another bench to this area next year. Goodwin and the seven students involved with this project wish to thank the PTO and the Green Team for their help in raising the needed funds. Also, a huge “thank you” from them to the WJHS custodians, especially Mr. Crouch, who assisted with the assembly.

Standing next to a bench that they were able to provide to the recess area of Wells Junior High School on June 18th are (left to right) Lilian Sittig, Mariana Molina, Kendall Ball, Tory Chase, Jessica Palmer, and Teagan Hludik. Not present for the photo was Hailey Diefe.