‘Shootin for a Cure’ Generates Thousands for Local Breast Cancer Fund

Post date: Apr 05, 2013 3:7:2 PM

At half time during a varsity girls basketball game between Wells High School and Traip Academy on January 19th, a check for $30,401 was presented to representatives of York Hospital for the institution’s Breast Cancer Living Well Fund.

Over $23,000 of that amount was raised by 80 participants in the girls’ basketball program in the Wells-Ogunquit CSD. Days before the 19th, basketball players from Wells Junior High School and Wells High School secured pledges averaging $100 each. Then, earlier in the day on the 19th, they attempted 50 free throws each in a free throw extravaganza known as ‘Shootin’ For a Cure’.

“It is absolutely awesome,” said President of York Hospital Jud Knox to the athletes and audience members in WHS’s Ronco Gymnasium upon receiving the check. “Your generosity, your caring will make the difference in people’s lives. For that we are deeply grateful. York Hospital is honored to serve you in Wells.”

The remaining $7,000 of the check amount was raised at a golf tournament in the fall of 2012. The grand total also included funds raised through pink bracelet and t-shirt sales at the Wells versus Traip game.

According to WHS Girls Basketball Coach Don Abbott, chief organizer of Shootin’ for a Cure, $87,000 has been raised for the hospital since January of 2010.

Among those present from York Hospital on the 19th were members of the York Hospital Breast Care Team. Members include Lisa Plourde, Amanda Demetri Lewis, D.O., Joann Paquette and Kathy Bry.

Manager of ‘Every Patient Campaign’ at York Hospital Carol Kane was also present. In 2011 Kane explained that the Breast Cancer Living Well Fund assists women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, undergoing treatment for or recovering from breast cancer. Some examples of support provided by the program include therapeutic massage, pre-operative Reiki, guided mediation and spiritual care, Art Hope, transportation, education and emergency assistance.

“It’s a long day but it really pays off,” said Abbott who has a friend whose wife had breast cancer. It was that closeness to someone with breast cancer and knowing players with relatives suffering with breast cancer that inspired Abbott to create Shootin’ for a Cure.

At this year’s hoops event, WJHS student Hope Wolterbeek was the highest scorer with 44 out of 50 successful free throws. WJHS student Hannah Moody garnered the most pledges totaling $800.

Caption: Lady Warriors presenting a check to York Hospital Breast Care team members. Centered behind the check are (l to r) Lisa Plourde, Amanda Demetri Lewis, D.O., Joann Paquette and Kathy Bry. Standing slightly behind Bry is York Hospital President Jud Knox. Wearing a pink shirt is Coach Don Abbott at far left in the photo.

Caption: (Left to right) Lisa Plourde, Amanda Demetri Lewis, D.O., Joann Paquette, York Hospital President Jud Knox and Kathy Bry. Plourde, Demetri Lewis, Paquette and Bry are part of the York Hospital Breast Cancer Team.