School Committee Members Attend MSMA Fall Conference

Post date: Dec 11, 2012 2:28:19 PM

Wells-Ogunquit C.S.D School Committee Chair Russell Fox, Committee member Marc Saulnier and Superintendent Elaine Tomaszewski attended the 39th Annual Maine School Management Association (MSMA) Fall Conference held October 25th and 26th in Augusta.

All three were there to learn more about the intricacies of running schools and a school district as well as keeping current on issues that face educators and administrators today.

“We were able to select from over 50 clinics directly related to School Committee work,” said Superintendent Tomaszewski. “Attending the conference gives committee members an opportunity to learn new requirements and ideas to provide a quality education program. Attending this is an example of the School Committee’s belief in continuing education for everyone in WOCSD.”

The Maine School Management Association is an important resource for current school boards and superintendents as many MSMA staff members are former superintendents and school board/committee members.

According to the MSMA, over 900 attended this year’s fall conference. Besides clinics to attend there were exhibits to view and opportunities for sharing ideas. Surveys of this year’s attendees indicated that the clinics were relevant.

“I wanted to get some more specific information on some of the issues that we’re to deal with in the upcoming year,” said Marc Saulnier who represents Wells on the School Committee.

“There were a number of workshops on bullying and I gathered a lot of important information out of each and every one of them,” commented Saulnier. Another clinic he attended dealt with a South Portland High School project that involved new construction as well as renovations. That clinic, Saulnier added, “obviously had tremendous value given what our district is putting together.”

Architects are currently working on designs for a major renovation of Wells High School, a project that will need voter approval in the spring.

Caption: A scene from this year’s Maine School Management Association’s Annual Fall Conference.