Music Boosters for WHS bands and color guard complete textile drive 

In February the Music Boosters at Wells High School held their annual textile drive to raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation of New England (EFNE).  

This year the Boosters collected 21,780 pounds of used clothing, shoes, coats, bedding, etc. for the EFNE resulting in $4,356 for the Band Boosters for their efforts.  These funds are for various band needs including the purchase of an instrument for one or more who can’t afford one and the occasional spring band trip to compete in out-of-state music and marching competitions.  Since 2016, the Boosters have collected over 93 tons of textiles.  

At a storage facility in Wells on the morning of February 29th several band members and others packed and loaded large plastic bags of what was collected onto two large trucks.   Present was Bethany Chase-Reynolds, Clothing Drive and Partnership Manager for the Epilepsy Foundation of New England.  

“We are a non-profit and this is how we get funds for the Foundation which provides services, supports research, and helps people in New England living with Epilepsy and seizure disorders,” said Chase-Reynolds.  She pointed out that EFNE partners with Savers Value Village Inc. an international for-profit retailer of reusable clothing items.  

These collections have proven a popular way for those who want to make a tax-deductible, non-monetary donation to a worthy cause by cleaning out their closets of unwanted clothing and related textile items. 

“This fundraiser would not be possible without the community support of Wells and Ogunquit and surrounding towns,” commented President of the Music Boosters Bill Washburn and textile drive manager.  “The Music Boosters would like to thank all of the businesses and residents who have contributed to the success of this fundraiser including Bethany Chase-Reynolds and Jamie Bradish of Willie Hill Self Storage.”  

Washburn also expressed gratitude to Ashley Breton who initiated and managed the first textile drive at WHS in 2016.  At that time, Breton looked for a reliable way to fund the Winter Guard Group’s trip to Ohio and attend Winter Guard International (WGI).  She continued to manage the textile drive annually through 2019.  

“We desperately needed to raise money and the textile drive was a Win/Win/Win for all,” commented Breton in an email.  “People weeded out their closet, the charity Epilepsy Foundation received money and Winter Guard or the Music Boosters got some money for the pounds of textiles (collected in 2016).”

Those who were present on February 29th in Wells to load two trucks of donated textiles.  In the back row (left to right) Camden Mosher, Teagan Hludik, Chloe Madsen, London Chadwick, Wyatt DeVoe, Emily Finch, Taylor Vliet, Vice President of the Music Boosters Beth Norton, Natalie Blaisdell, Hayden Meffert,  Front Row (left to right) Connor Brown, WHS Music Director Chad Dickerson, Jackson Pollard, Bill Washburn, Jadyn Brown, and Owen Shangraw.