High School students create an obstacle course for K-2 students

Post date: Nov 18, 2020 12:29:6 PM

In October, a small group of Wells High School art students and their teacher Meredith Radford began creating a colorful and permanent “motor skills” obstacle course painted onto a large section of pavement on the playground at Wells Elementary School.

“The course includes pathways, directional movements, loco-motor skills and balance skills, all which are developmentally age-appropriate, especially for K-2,” commented Radford in an email. She and the Foundations Arts and Alternative education students were invited by WES Principal April Noble to create the course.

Earlier in the fall, Radford and students focused on creating several sidewalk chalk murals at various locations around Wells High School. This was to get her students working outside more in a school year overshadowed by a pandemic, spruce up the campus with some color and provide designated spots where students could safely take a brief face mask break.

The interactive course at Wells Elementary was seen as a way to get the younger students engaged in an activity that, with its unique design, helps them exercise while maintaining a safe distance from one another at recess. In addition, the course requires no equipment to be shared and can be duplicated at home with a piece of chalk.

“We are thrilled to add this motor course to our playground,” commented April Noble. “Upon its completion, the students instantly were engaged! A motor course provides an opportunity to learn and experience different sensory input. This engaging, fun experience improves strength, balance, motor planning and coordination. We are so thankful for the time and effort the high school put in to provide us with this course!”

WHS student Nathan Bolduc and teacher Meredith Radford begin working with a design for WES's new motor skills course on October 21, 2020. “Its pretty cool,” said Bolduc. “All the little kids can be able to use it.”

Newly completed motor skills course at Wells Elementary School features spins, star jumps, squats, toe touches and five arm circles, which, according to Radford, “are developmentally appropriate for K-2.”