‘Giving Thanks’ fourth grade style

Post date: Jan 12, 2015 1:42:37 PM

The fourth grade class of Pamela Lear at Wells Elementary School held its annual two-day celebration of Thanksgiving November 24th and 25th starting with a class luncheon on the first day followed by a gathering of all fourth graders for a slice of homemade pie on the next.

According to Lear, this observance of Thanksgiving in her class is really about helping students realize a deeper meaning of the holiday, a time to focus less on one’s self and more on others, being thankful for what one has and the unselfish act of giving to others.

In preparation for the luncheon, students learned about bread making, table etiquette, and a proper table setting. They also made placemats and turned paper plates into tree ornaments. Parents and grandparents also attended the luncheon.

The sixty small loaves of bread baked were wrapped and secured with a ribbon. One was given to each student to give to someone special in their life as a gift of ‘thanks’.

The following afternoon, all fourth grade students with teachers and staff gathered in a common area adjacent to the fourth grade wing for what could easily be labeled a ‘pie festival’. A large variety of pies with fillings ranging from apple to pumpkin cheesecake made by parent volunteers were pre-sliced and served by guest servers including Superintendent Ellen Schneider.

After dessert, several of Lear’s students plus students from other classes went to one of several “Thanks ‘Giving’ Trees” decorated with paper plate ornaments inscribed with individual messages of what each student was thankful for. They pulled off their own ornament and read what they were thankful for. Some of what kids expressed thanks included, their house, mom, family, life, freedom and money. One boy, Emerson Clark, said he was simply thankful for his cat.

Along with Lear, other staff assisting with the pie festival included Mirna Davila, Michele Guerrette, Donna Longley, and Intern Rachel Purgiel.

Caption: Students with a slice of their favorite pie wait for fourth grade teacher Pam Lear to cover the dessert with lots of whip cream.

Caption: Standing next to a “Thanks Giving Tree” (l to r) are Ethan Ordway, Riley Bolton and WES Intern Rachel Purgiel. These students are displaying their placemats and holding loaves of bread that they helped create and will give as a gift of thanks.