District honors retiring staff and those with 20 years of service

The end of the 2021-22 school year found 15 Wells-Ogunquit CSD staff members retiring and ten staff members recognized for twenty years of service.

Those that retired and the amount of years (in parenthesis) that they served include: Pamela Beane (12), Dianne Bowen (23), Martha Brown (25), Kathy Calo (36), Cathy Cornish (31), Marci Dzamba (26), Pamela Ingram (35), Sheila Jarochym (35), Suzanne Laplante-Killoran (12), Mark Lewia (39), Betsy Littlefield (22), Donna Longley (33), Selena Nickerson (39), Deb Sheppard (18), and Karen Taylor (33).

Those recognized for twenty years of service to the District include Reginald Bennett, Pam Lear, Kevin Fox, Becky Murphy, Steve Kayser, Kevin O’Shaughnessy, Suzan Kent, Kim Richard, Michele Langelier, and Janet Tessier.

The majority of those retiring from the WOCSD taught at Wells Elementary School. Most of them were available at the time a photo was taken. In the photo (l-r) are Suzanne Laplante-Killoran, Marci Dzamba, Selena Nickerson, Karen Taylor, Pamela Ingram, Kathy Calo, and Donna Longley.