Being thankful and thinking of others at WES

Post date: Dec 03, 2015 2:0:51 AM

On November 24th, a couple of days before Thanksgiving, two fourth grade classes at Wells Elementary School gathered together in a common area to participate in the annual “Gobble Up Party”, a pre-Thanksgiving event which included a pie festival.

Students of Pam Lear and Donna Longley had a wide variety of pies made by parent volunteers to select a slice from. Before digging into the afternoon’s dessert treat, numerous students mentioned what they were most thankful for including their family, friends, teachers, house and food.

Earlier in the week, these fourth graders made Thanksgiving-themed name plates and turkey decorations to later take home. Students also brought home small loaves of bread made by them and baked by kitchen staff. These loaves had been placed in small baking tins, wrapped and decorated with ribbons on top. These banana, apple and lemon breads were for them to give to someone in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Later, in Longley’s classroom, there was a further break from studies to hear the story, Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving by Dave Pilkey.

“It’s one of our many opportunities to give thanks,” commented Lear who added that this is a special time for the children to slow down enough to be thankful and think of others in what can be a “busy time” of the year.

For this year’s pre-Thanksgiving party, teachers Lear and Longley would like to thank all the parent volunteers who made pies plus school volunteers Sheila Gabrielli and Kitty Sprout, interns Tania Riegelman and Trevor Hopwood, and Mirna Davila for their help preparing for this event.

Fourth grade students of WES teachers Pam Lear and Donna Longley having pie at “Gobble Up Fest” November 24, 2015

Fourth grade students of WES teachers Pam Lear and Donna Longley holding up a variety of holiday bread that they made and plan to give to someone in the spirit of giving