Aroma Joe’s brews up a donation for WHS

Post date: May 13, 2014 12:34:29 PM

In March, Mike Sillon, one of the franchise owners of Aroma Joe’s Coffee in Wells donated $500 on behalf of Aroma Joe’s Coffee to Wells High School’s Technology Education Program.

According to Principal Jim Daly, this gift allowed WHS to purchase a needed high tech carving machine known as a CarveWright CNC (computer pneumatic control device) thus giving the school two such devices.

“He has a passion for helping kids and teachers and helping the communities in which we are in, “commented Marketing Manager for Aroma Joe’s Coffee Tonya Swart of Mike Sillon. Swart, whose office is located in Dover New Hampshire added, “Every semester I reach out to local schools and ask if they need help with equipment or supplies.”

According to Tech Ed teacher Jason Hludik, the CNC and accompanying software plus tools usually retails around $2000. It employs technology developed by NASA robotic engineers allowing for simultaneous 2D and 3D design projects. At its core, the machine has a very tough and precise computerized router that is directed by a separate computer with the appropriate software.

The motions of the CNC in operation are somewhat similar to that of an ordinary inkjet printer in that students first ‘write’ their project designs on a computer. Then, when all specifications are inputted and the design stage is finished, the computer directs the CNC to begin the carving process on either wood or another suitable material.

According to Hludik, the addition of this machine will involve more of his 9th through 12th grade students increasing class output. Hludik says a typical class size of his consists of about 14 students.

“This machine is cool,” said senior Al Ramsdell, who is in Hludik’s Introduction to Woodworking class. Ramsdell has worked on numerous wood carving projects with the computer controlled router resulting in school signage for staff. To complete one of his signs, Ramsdell hand sands them and applies two coats of stain plus a finish coat. “Everyone wants a sign from me,” said a delighted and highly motivated Ramsdell who has also designed a small guitar.

Caption: In the photo is Tech Ed teacher Jason Hludik (left) and woodworking student Al Ramsdell. Between them is WHS’s new CarveWright CNC purchased with a donation from Aroma Joe’s Coffee. Ramsdell is holding one of his recently completed signs for the office of Administrative Assistant to the Principal Lil Lagasse.