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October 2011

Copiers and Service

Wells-Ogunquit Community School District (District) seeks to identify and select a vendor to provide copiers and maintenance services.

The District owns 22 copiers in 4 locations:  Superintendent’s Office (CO), Wells Elementary School (WES), Wells Jr. High School (WJHS) and Wells High School (WHS).  The copiers are maintained presently by two different vendors.  

Based upon an internal study of the District’s needs, the District seeks to:
  • Remove/dispose of 11 copiers
  • Relocate 4 copiers within the District
  • Acquire 14 new copiers

The District is considering proposals to either purchase new, currently manufactured copiers or “rent” on a cost-per-copy basis.  Vendors may submit proposals for either or both options.  

The awarded vendor will:
  • remove and dispose of all  decommissioned copiers and report to the District on its plans to recycle
  • remove all hard disks and return them to WOCSD for disposal,  
  • relocate equipment within the District
  • install new equipment
  • train District staff
  • service all remaining “legacy” units as well as all new units
  • Legacy units: OCE 6020, OCE CM2520 (quantity=2), IM 3511 (quantity = 5), BH c280 (quantity=2), IM2520

Procedures for submitting proposals

Qualified vendors should submit sealed proposals marked “Copier Bid” to the Office of the Superintendent, WOCSD, 1460 Post Road, Wells, ME  04090.  Proposals must be received at this address by 2:00pm Tuesday, October 25, 2011 at which time the proposals will be opened.  

Option 1: Purchase; Vendor services all copiers (both new and legacy)
Copier specs are contained in the “Copier Specs” worksheet contained in the Excel spreadsheet “WOCSD Copier RFP Specs Oct 2011”.  Vendors should complete and sign the “Purchase” worksheet to submit a proposal under Option 1.  Vendors should indicate the brand, model and PPM of each unit proposed on the
“Purchase” worksheet. Include cut sheets for evaluation with submission packet.  Vendors should also indicate the cost per copy for service where indicated on the “Purchase” worksheet.

If the District proceeds with Option 1, the District will use a fair-market value (FMV) lease/purchase to finance the purchase.  The awarded vendor will be responsible to pickup and return its equipment at the end of the lease; the District will be responsible to secure return authorizations.  The District would welcome suggestions for financing companies with whom the vendor has had prior, positive

.Option 2: Cost-per-copy rental; vendor services all copiers (both new and legacy)
Copier specs are contained in the “Copier Specs” worksheet contained in the Excel spreadsheet “WOCSD Copier RFP Specs Oct 2011”.  Vendors should complete and sign worksheet “CPC rental” to submit a proposal under Option 2.   If the equipment specified is different than in Option 1 or vendor did not submit a quote for Option 1, then vendor should submit a separate document itemizing the brand, models and features of equipment to be supplied and include cut sheets for evaluation.  Quotes must be for new, current models only.  

Vendors may select one or more time periods to provide CPC services.  For example, Vendor A may wish to provide CPC services for a short period of time only so Vendor A would respond to Option 2.a alone.  Vendor B may be interested in any time frame possible so Vendor B would respond to all five term options.  

General conditions

1.1 For the purpose of assuring the District of the quality of workmanship, materials, equipment and service, the School Committee will retain the right to qualify or disqualify bidders on the basis of available information covering their service and the suitability of their bid for the project.

1.2 All equipment and service as specified herein will be made by a reputable experienced company and shall conform with the specifications in order to promote efficiency in its use, reduce maintenance costs, and to assure durability for which it is intended.

1.3 The School Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any bid, or part thereof, and to award the contract to other than the low bidder.  The School Committee may also elect to negotiate directly with any and all vendors concerning any proposal.

1.4 All proposals submitted shall remain firm for a period of sixty (60) days of receiving bids.

1.5 The awarded vendor shall, within 30 days after receipt of written notice thereof, make good any defects in materials or workmanship which may develop during said one (1) year period, or otherwise represented by the awarded vendor.

1.6 The awarded vendor shall indicate the warranty period for all equipment offered, whether the warranty period is an on-site warranty or not and also the cost of an extended warranty.

1.7 The proposals will be considered on the basis of both cost, quality, technical know-how, support and delivery.  All bidders will be advised on the decision as soon as the bids have been properly evaluated.

1.8 Vendors shall furnish District with brochures identifying each item of the proposal, with deviations from specifications noted on a separate sheet, other than literature.

1.9 Vendors shall furnish the District with instructions and training on connecting client computers.

1.10 Proposals Due:  Proposals will be received at the Office of the Superintendent, WOCSD, 1460 Post Road, Wells, ME  04090, on or before 2:00pm local time on Tuesday October 25, 2011 at which time bids will be publicly opened.  The School Committee will not consider any proposal that has not been received prior to this date. No telegraphic bid or telegraphic modification of a bid or faxed bid will be considered.

1.11 The purpose of this document is to provide the vendor with enough information to quote firm fixed prices and delivery.  It is not our intention to limit the vendor to a specific copier solution. Vendor has the right to quote what they feel to be the best solution for the project, at the best price.  Vendor must provide documentation, schematics, specification sheets and descriptions of the associated equipment.

1.12 Vendor Qualification: In order for a bidder’s proposal to be considered, each proposal must include the following information:
1.12.1 A description of their company location and the number of years in business.
1.12.2 A description of experience for other installations of similar projects.
1.12.3 A list of not less that three (3) references for similar projects performed.

1.13 Proposal Requirements: The objective of this Request for Proposal is to enable the School Committee to procure the highest quality product and services at a price that meets our budget.

1.14 Training must be provided.  State where training is to take place.  Additionally, indicate how much training will be provided on a system and individual basis, with the minimum number of hours noted.

1.15 All proposals must provide for complete installation of the system, including any set up of hardware or software required to make the system fully operational as of the date of completion.

1.16 Diagnostic, programming and maintenance guide for hardware should be included.

1.17 Additional Questions:  If additional information is required, please contact:

Bruce Rudolph
Director of Finance and HR
Wells-Ogunquit CSD
1460 Post Road
Wells, ME  04090
207-646-8331 x3102