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CURRENT WOCSD POLICIES - The policies below are approved policies by the WOCSD School Committee


        AC                                 Non-Discrimination/Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action

        ACAA                             Harassment and Sexual Harassment of Students

        ACAA-R                          Student Discrimination/Harassment and Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedures

        ACAB                             Harassment and Sexual Harassment of School Employees

        ACAB-R                          Employee Discrimination/Harassment and Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedures

        ACAD                             Hazing

        AD                                 Educational Philosophy/Mission

        ADA                               School Committee Mission and Goals

        ADAA                             School District Commitment to Standards for Ethical and Responsible Behavior

        ADC                               Tobacco/Electronic Smoking Device Use and Possession

        ADC-R                            Tobacco Use Possession Administrative Procedure

        ADF                                School District Commitment to Learning Results

        AEC                                Accountability-Reporting to the Public



BA                                School Committee Operational Goals

BA-E                             School Committee Operational Goals Responsibilities of Local School Committees  

BB                                School Committee Legal Status

BBAA                            Committee Member Authority

BBD                              School Committee Declared Vacancy Caused by Absenteeism

BBF                              School Committee Member Ethics

BBBH                            Student Committee Members

BC                                WOCSD By-Laws

BCB                              Conflict of Interest

BCC                              Nepotism

BCD                              School Committee/Superintendent Relationship

BCD-R                           School Committee/Superintendent Relations

BCF                              Advisory Committees to the School Committee

BCFA                             School Committee Liaison Assignments to Schools/Programs

BCG                              School Attorney

BDDC                            Agenda Preparation and Dissemination

BDDG                            Minutes

BDDH (also KD)              Public Participation at School Committee Meetings

BDE                               School Committee Committees

BDE-E                            School Committee Committees

BEA                               School Committee Use of Electronic Mail

BEC                               Executive Sessions

BF                                 School Committee Policy Development

BFC                               Policy Adoption

BFCA                             School Committee Review of Regulations

BFD                               Policy Dissemination

BFE (also CHD)               Administration in Policy Absence

BFG/BFGA                     Policy Review and Evaluation/Manual Accuracy Check

BG (also GBD)                School Committee/Staff Communications

BHA                               New School Committee Member Orientation

BHB                               School Committee Member Development Opportunities

BHC                               School Committee Member Freedom of Access Training

BHC-E                            Certification of Completion of Freedom of Access Training

BHE                               School Committee Member Insurance

BK (also AFA)                  Evaluation of School Committee Operational Procedures

BK-E                              Evaluation of School Committee Operational Procedures



        CBI                                  Evaluation of the Superintendent

        CC                                   Administrative Organization

        CHA                                 Development of Administrative Procedures 

        CHCAA                             Student Handbooks

        CHD                                 Administration in the Absence of Policy


DA                                 Fiscal Management Goals/Priority Objectives

DB                                 Annual Budget

DC                                 Taxing and Borrowing Authority/Limitations

DC-R                              Post-Issuance Compliance Policy for Bonds

DD                                 Grants

DFEA                              Free Admissions (Guest Passes for Senior Citizens)

DFF                                Student Activities Funds

DIDA                               Fixed Assets

DJ                                  Bidding/Purchasing Requirements

DJH                                Purchasing and Contracting: Procurement Staff Code of Conduct

DKC                                Expense Authorization and Reimbursement

DKC-R                             Expense Authorization and Reimbursement Administrative Procedure

DN                                  School Properties Disposition



EBAA                               Chemical Hazards

EBCA                               Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

EBCB                               Emergency Evacuation Drills

EBCC                               Bomb Threats

ECB                                 Pest Management in School Facilities and on School Grounds

EEBB                               Use of Private Vehicles for School Business

EFD                                 Charging of Meals

EFE                                 Competitive Food Sales-Sales of Foods in Competition with the WOCSD Food Service Program

EGAD                               Copyright Compliance

EGAD-R                            Copyright Compliance Administrative Procedure

EHB                                 School Records Retention Policy



FA                                    Facilities Development Goals

FBB                                  Enrollment Projections

FEA                                  Educational Specifications

FEB                                  Selection of Architect

FEE                                  Site Acquisition Procedure

FEG                                  Supervision of Construction (Clerk of the Works)

FF                                    Naming Rights

FL                                    Retirement of Facilities (Building Closures)



GA                                    Personnel Policy

GBAA (also JBAA, KBAA)           Modifications of Policies/Practices for Students with Disabilities

GBCA                                Staff Conflict of Interest

GBCB                                Drug Free Workplace

GBCC                                Staff Rights and Responsibilities

GBCCA                              Staff Conduct with Students

GBCD                                Staff Participation in Community Activities

GBD (also BG)                    School Committee/Staff Communications

GBE                                   Staff Health

GBEA                                 Staff Protection

GBEB                                 Philosophy Statement Regarding Chemical Dependency

GBEB-R                              Personnel Procedures

GBEBB                                Staff Conduct With Students

GBEBD                               Employee Use of Social and Educational Networking Sites

GBEC (also JHCCA)             Policy for Students and Employees with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV/AIDS)           

GBGAA                               Bloodborne Pathogens

GBGAA-R                            Exposure Control Plan for Bloodborne Pathogens Procedure

GBGE                                 Return to Work and Light Duty Assignments

GBH (also JM)                     Staff/Student Relations

GBI                                     Staff Gifts and Solicitations

GBIA                                   Staff Participation in Political Activities

GBK/KGC                            Smoking on School Premises

GBK-R                                 Non-Smoking Assistance Program

GBL                                    Personnel Records and Files

GBLC                                  Retention of Application Materials

GBM                                   Staff Complaints and Grievances

GBM-R                                Employee Complaints and Grievances

GBN                                    Family and Medical Leave

GBN-R2                               Maine Family Medical Leave Administrative Procedure

GBO                                    Family Care Leave

GC                                      Professional Staff Position Policies

GCA                                    Professional Staff Positions

GCBA                                  Professional Staff Compensation Plans

GCC                                    Professional Staff Recruiting

GCCA                                  Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff

GCCA-R                               Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff – Procedures

GCCAS-R                             Recruiting and Hiring of the Superintendent

GCD                                    Professional Staff Hiring

GCD-2                                 Professional Staff Hiring - Principals

GCE                                    Substitute Teacher Employment

GCEB                                  Rate of Pay for Substitutes

GCF                                    Professional Staff Orientation

GCFB                                  Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff

GCFB-R                               Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff - Procedures

GCI                                     Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers

GCL                                    Professional Staff Development Opportunities

GCLA                                  Professional Staff Visitations and Conferences

GCM                                    Supervision of Professional Staff

GCN-1                                 Supervision and Evaluation of Professional Staff

GCN-2                                 Evaluation of Administrative Staff

GCPA                                   Reduction in Professional Staff Work Force

GCPB                                   Resignation of Professional Staff Members

GCQA                                  Non-school Employment by Professional Staff Members

GCQAA                                Professional Personnel Consulting

GCQAB                                Tutoring for Pay

GCQC                                  Resignation of School District Employees

GCQCA                                Employee References

GCQCA-R                             Authorization to Disclose Information/Release of Claims/Indemnity

GCSA                                   Employee Computer/Device and Internet Use

GCSA-R                                Employee Computer/Device and Internet Use - Rules

GCSB                                    Use of Social Media By School Employees

GD                                       Support Staff Positions Policies

GDA                                     Support Staff Positions

GDBA                                   Support Staff Compensation Plans

GDC/GDD                             Support Staff Recruiting/Hiring

GDG                                     Support StaffProbation and Tenure

GDJ                                      Support Staff Time Schedules

GDL                                      Support Staff Development Opportunities

GDN                                     Evaluation of Support Staff

GDPA                                    Reduction in Support Staff Workforce

GDPD                                   Suspension and Dismissal of Support Staff Members

GDQA                                   Non-School Employment by Support Staff Members



     No policies


      IA                                            Educational Goals

      IA-1                                         Wells High School Mission Statement

      IA-2                                         Wells Junior High School Mission Statement

      IA-3                                         Wells Elementary School Mission Statement

      IB                                            Academic Freedom

      IC/ICA                                     School Year/School Calendar

      ID                                            School Day

      IF                                            Curriculum Development

      IFA                                          Curriculum Research

      IFD                                          Curriculum Adoption

      IFE                                          Standards-Based Curriculum Frameworks

      IGA                                         Basic Instructional Program

      IGAC                                       Teaching About Religion

      IGAD                                       Occupational Education (Career Education)

      IGAE                                       Health Education

      IGAF                                       Physical Education

      IGAF-E                                    Physical Education Department – Medical Excuse Form

      IGAG                                      Teaching About Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco

      IGAK                                      Moral/Ethical Education

      IGAL                                       Environmental Education

      IGAM                                      Advanced Placement Courses

      IGAN                                      Honors Challenge

      IGBA                                      Special Education Policy and Purpose

      IGBAA                                    Special Education Student Oversight Agreement

      IGBAA-1                                 Extended School Year Services

      IGBAC                                    Child Find

      IGBAD                                    Referral/Pre-Referral of Students with Disabilities

      IGBAD-R                                 Referral/Pre-Referral to Pupil Evaluation Team Procedures

      IGBAE                                    Free Appropriate Public Education

      IGBAF                                    Individualized Education Program

      IGBAH                                    Communication of Procedural Safeguards

      IGBB                                      Programs for Gifted Students

      IGBG                                      Homebound Instruction

      IGBHA                                    Home Schooling

      IGBHAA                                  Participation in the School Program by Home-Schooled Students

      IGCD                                      Advanced College Placement

      IGCDA                                    Post-Secondary Enrollment and Credit

      IGD                                        Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Programs

      IGD-R                                     Procedure on School Sponsorship of Extra-Curricular Programs

      IGDA                                       Student Organizations

      IGDB (also JFCD, IIAD, KFA)               Publications and Materials Distribution Policy

      IGDD                                       Student Performances

      IGDF                                       Student Fundraising Activities

      IGDF-R                                    Student Fundraising Activities Procedures

      IGDG                                       Student Activities Funds Management

      IGDH                                       Contests for Students

      IGDI,J                                      Interscholastic Athletics

      IGDI,J-R1                                 Wells High School Student Athletic Code

      IGDI,J-R2                                 Wells Junior High School Student Athletic and Extra-Curricular Code

      IGDJA                                      Individual Student Participation in M.S.S.P.A. Sporting Events

      IGE                                          Adult and Community Education Programs

      IGEA                                        Adult CommunityEducation GED Program and Testing Policy

      IGEB                                        Adult Community Education Policy High School Diploma Policy for Students Ages 16 up       

      IHA                                          Grouping for Instruction

      IHB                                          Class Size

      IHBAK                                      Life-Sustaining Emergency Care

      IHBAL                                      Grievance Procedure for Persons with Disabilities

      IHBEA                                      Programs for Students with Limited English Proficiency

      IHBEA-E                                   Limited English Proficient Student Notice (Meeting Notification)

      IHBGB                                      Supplemental Statement of Rights for Private School Students with Disabilities

      IHH                                          Individualized Instruction

      IIA                                            Instructional Materials

      IIAA                                          Textbook Selection and Adoption

      IIAB                                          Wells High School Grouping for Instruction

      IIAD (also JFCD, IGDB, KFA)                  Publications and Materials Distribution Policy

      IICA                                          Field Trips and Excursions

      IICA-R                                       Field Trips and Excursions Procedures

      IICB                                          Community Resource Persons                                 

      IJ                                             Guidance Program

      IJJ                                            Selection of Educational Materials

      IJJ-E                                         Citizens Challenge of Educational Media Form

      IJNDB                                        Student Technology and Internet Use and Cyber Safety

      IJNDB–R                                     Student Technology and Internet Use Rules

      IJNDB-E                                     Student Technology/Internet Use Acknowledgement Form

      IJNDB-E-1                                  Technology Home Use Procedures

      IJOC                                          School Volunteers (replaces IICC)

      IJOC-E                                       Volunteer Application (replaces IICC-E)

      IK                                              Academic Achievement

      IKA                                            Grading Process

      IKAB                                          Student Progress Reports to Parents

      IKAD                                          Parent Conferences

      IKAF                                          Participation in Performing Groups as Part of School Curriculum

      IKB                                            Homework

      IKE                                            Promotion and Retention of Students

      IKEB                                          Acceleration

      IKF                                            Graduation Requirements

      IKF-R                                         Wells High School Community Service Graduation Requirement

      IKFA                                           Early High School Graduation

      IKFB                                           Graduation Exercises

      IKFC                                          Correspondence Courses

      IKFD                                          Awarding of High School Diplomas to Veterans of World War II and the Korean Conflict   

      IL                                              Testing Programs

      ILA                                            Local Assessment System

      ILD                                            Student Surveys and Marketing Information

      IM (also AFE)                              Evaluation of Instructional Programs

      IMB                                            Teaching About Controversial/Sensitive Issues

      IMBB                                          Accommodation of Sincere Beliefs in Required Instruction

      IMDA                                          Patriotic Exercises

      IMDB                                          Flag Displays

      IMG                                           Animals in Classrooms

      INA                                            Teaching Methods

      INB                                            Teaching About Controversial Issues

      INC                                            Controversial Speakers

      ING                                            Dog Policy



      JBAA (also GBAA, KBAA)                   Modifications of Policies/Practices for Students with Disabilities                                               

      JEA                                            Compulsory Attendance

      JEAA                                          Student Attendance/Student Absence and Tardiness

      JECA                                          Admission of Resident Students

      JECB                                          Admission of Non-Resident Students

      JECBA                                        Admission of Exchange Students (or Foreign Students)                              

      JED                                            Excused Absences

      JEDAA                                        Habitual Truancy

      JEDB                                          Student Release

      JEDC                                          Make-Up

      JEDD                                          Participation in School Sponsored Activities and Functions

      JEDE                                          Excessive Absences

      JEDG                                          Data Collection

      JF                                              Student Rights and Responsibilities

      JFC                                            Student Withdrawal From School (Dropout Prevention Committee)

      JFCC                                          Student Conduct on School Buses

      JFCC-R                                       Guidelines for Student Conduct on School Buses

      JFCCA                                         K-4 Transportation Safety Requirements

      JFCD (also IGDB, IIAD, KFA)                   Publications and Materials Distribution Policy

      JFCH                                          Student Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco/Electronic Smoking Devices Use

      JFCH-R                                       Student Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Use Administrative Procedure

      JFCJ                                           Weapons, Violence and School Safety

      JFCK                                           Responding to Acts or Threats of Violence

      JFCK-R                                        Administrative Implementation Procedures

      JFG (also KNAJ)                           Relations with Police Authorities

      JG                                               Student Discipline

      JGB                                             Detention of Students

      JGC                                             Friday Detention of Students

      JGC-R                                          Friday Detention of Students Rules/Procedures

      JGD                                             Suspension of Students

      JGE                                             Expulsion of Students

      JGE-R                                          Expulsion of Students – Guidelines

      JGF                                             Disciplinary Removal of Students with Disabilities

      JGF-R                                          Disciplinary Removal of Students with Disabilities Administrative Procedure

      JHB                                             Truancy

      JHC                                             Student Health Services

      JHCA                                           Head Lice

      JHCA-R                                        Head Lice (Pediculosis) Procedures

      JHCCA (also GBEC)                       Policy for Students and Employees with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV/AIDS)            

      JHFE                                           Crisis Intervention Plan

      JIC                                              WOCSD District-Wide Student Code of Conduct

      JICA                                            Student Dress

      JICJ                                            Student Use of Cellular Telephones and Other Electronic Devices

      JICJ-R                                         Student Use of Cellular Telephones and Other Electronic Devices

      JICK                                            Bullying

      JICK-E1                                       Bullying Report Form

      JICK-E2                                       Bullying Investigation Form

      JICK-E3                                       Documentation of Disciplinary and Remedial Action Taken

      JICK-E4                                       Bullying Reporting, Investigation and Intervention/Resolution Process

      JICK-R                                         Bullying Administrative Procedures

      JIH                                             Questioning and Searches of Students

      JIH-R                                          Questioning and Searches of Students Administrative Procedure

      JJ                                               Community Service Programs

      JJIAA                                          Private School Students - Access to Public School Co-Curricular, Interscholastic & Extra-Curricular Activities

      JJIAA-E1                                     Private School Student Application for Participation in WOCSD Co-Curricular Activities

      JJIAA-E2                                     Private School Student Application for Participation in WOCSD Extra-Curricular Activities

      JJIAA-E3                                     Verification of Private School Student Eligibility for Participation in WOCSD Co-Curricular Activities

      JJIAA-E4                                     Verification of Private School Student Eligibility for Participation in WOCSD Extra-Curricular Activities

      JJIBA                                          Hiring and Evaluation of Coaches

      JJIF                                            Management of Concussions and Other Head Injuries

      JJIF-E                                         Concussion Information Sheet

      JKAA                                           Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion

      JKAA-E                                        Physical Restraint and/or Seclusion Incident Report

      JKAA-R                                        Procedures on Physical Restraint and Seclusion

      JL                                               Student Gifts and Solicitations

      JLA                                             Student Wellness

      JLCB                                           Immunization of Students

      JLCC                                           Communicable/Infectious Diseases and Exclusion Criteria – Administrative Procedure

      JLCCB                                         Life Threatening Allergies

      JLCCB-R                                      Life Threatening Allergies Administrative Procedures

      JLCD                                           Administration of Medication to Students

      JLCDA                                         Medical Marijuana In Schools

      JLCD-E                                        Medication Administration on School Field Trips

      JLDBG                                         Re-integration of Students from Juvenile Correctional Facilities

      JLF                                              Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

     JLFA                                             Child Sexual Abuse Prevention and Response

     JLF-E                                           Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect Form

      JLG                                             Education of Homeless Children and Youth

      JLG-R                                          Homeless Students – Administrative Procedure

      JLIA                                             Supervision of Students

      JM (also GBH)                              Staff/Student Relations

      JP                                               Student Aspirations

      JRA                                             Student Education Records and Information

      JRA-E                                         Annual Notice of Student Education Records and Information Rights
      JRA-R                                         Student Education Records and Information Administrative Procedure



      KA                                              School-Community Relations Goals

      KB                                              Public Information Program

      KBAA (also GBAA, JBAA)                    Modifications of Policies/Practices for Students with Disabilities

      KBF                                            Title I Parent Involvement

      KD (also BDDH)                            Public Participation at School Committee Meetings

      KDB                                            Public’s Right to Know/Freedom of Access

      KFA (also JFCD, IIAD and IGDB)                    Publications and Materials Distribution Policy

      KG                                              Community Use of School Buildings and Facilities

      KH                                              Public Gifts to Schools

      KH-R                                           Gifts to Schools

      KI                                                Public Solicitations in the Schools     

      KJ                                                Advertising In The Schools

      KK                                               Visitors to School Premises

      KL                                               Public Complaints

      KL-R                                            Public Complaints Procedure

      KLBA                                           Alternatives to Biological Dissection

      KLD                                             Public Complaints About School Personnel

      KMA/KMB                                    Relations with Parent/Booster Organizations

      KMA/KMB-R                                 Fundraising Procedures

      KNAJ (also JFG)                           Relations with Police Authorities


      LAU PLAN                                    LAU PLAN - Revisions

      LCC PLAN                                     LCC PLAN - Revisions