PDF Management

When you create a document you want to share with others, a PDF is a good file to use. Most people already have Adobe Reader installed on their computer which means they can view the document you are sharing. Please go here to download your free version of Adobe Reader.

If you are making a PDF to share with others you will want to make sure it is email and website friendly. To do this you should use images with a 72 dpi, compress the images when possible and save with a low resolution.

Check out this article and step by step videos about How Can I Reduce the Size of a PDF File?  Video

You can use this file conversion WebSite to help convert your files. http://www.zamzar.com/   You will upload your file, chose the conversion, then add your email address and the link will be sent to you when the file is ready for download.

Open Office or Neo Office

If you are creating files from Open Office or Neo Office you will notice all these settings once you go to File EXPORT PDF.
Try to use these settings to make a smaller size PDF on your own.
YOU can view a movie showing how to manage the size of your PDF's from OpenOffice or NeoOffice.