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WES and WJHS Students Vote in Mock Elections

posted Nov 5, 2012, 5:30 AM by Fran Prentice

Wells Junior High School and Wells Elementary School held simulated voting exercises on October 23rd and October 31st respectively.  Third and fourth grade students along with middle school students voted for Presidential and U.S. Congressional candidates using voting booths from the Town of Wells.  This voting exercise is part of the Maine Student Mock Election coordinated by the Maine Secretary of State’s Office.

Results from both schools will be compiled with those of other schools in Maine.  Final results will be made public November 2nd. 

At WES voting took place on the second floor in the foyer.   Parent volunteers Belinda Hayden and Barbara Franks assisted students with the voting process and later tallied the votes.  Community Resource Director Maryanne Foley organized this event at WES.

Voting at WJHS took place in the school’s library.  Members of the WJHS Student Council volunteered to assist at the polls throughout the day.  Results were tallied after school and sent to the Secretary of State’s Office.  Librarian Lynn Mercier and Secretary Cindy Mitchell organized the voting process.  Both are advisors to the Student Council and wish to thank teacher Bob Winn and Head Custodian Michael Provencher for help setting up for the election. 

WJHS Mock Election Results:                           WES Mock Election Results:

President                                                       President

Barack Obama                 204                         Obama              95

Mitt Romney                    174                         Romney             76

Gary E. Johnson                  5                         Other                  4

Jill Stein                           12

Other                                 5

U.S. Congress-District 1                                U.S. Congress-District 1

Jonathan Courtney           171                        Courtney            103              

Chellie PIngree                 200                        Pingree                58

Other                                  5                        Other                   16

U.S. Senator                                                  U.S. Senator

Cynthia Ann Dill                 83                         Dill                       20

Angus King                       124                        King                      73 

Charles E. Summers Jr.      112                        Summers              50 

Andrew Ian Dodge               12                        Other                    22                         

Stephen M. Woods              12

Danny Francis Dalton            7 

Other                                   5

Students at Wells Elementary School participating in the Maine Student Mock Election on October 31, 2012.

WJHS Students Sierra Daney, Keri Allaire and Charlyn Ochola in the library at WJHS participating in the Maine Student Mock Election on October 23, 2012.

WJHS student Samantha Chase in the library at WJHS participating in the Maine Student Mock Election on October 23, 2012.